Problem is like the moisture drops onto Leave surface

Personal development

     Problem is coming what we don't know from doing something, sometimes we don't like problem so much because it will bring an effect of dropping into us, otherwise there's no problem will crack our shield as long as we convince us to enjoy it, sometimes unnecessary thing changes into necessary thing when we start to enjoy it, the leaves will not crack because they turn their-self flexibility mode, the leave enjoys sustaining the dropping of moisture as if there's no problem at all onto surface, so it depends to our attitude, ( attitude means 20 % speaking loud to what they observe and 80% express what they feel to lessen the pain)
    Problem comes not only impacts to human being but other creature also have it.. example : (the animal) when they are starting to hunt their prey, they keep running although their prey flee away, the predator knows how to feel tired, exhausted, but they convince to their self to say an incantation "I must survive before I die for it"
   Problem is like seed, it will grow up when we realize to change it into may hear the thunder and it only happen when the raining is coming and finally the rainbow will appear only when the raining stops. so basically Problem will end when we realize there's solution after all, but when we don't realize it, the problem will take up your time and you will ruin and make you do nothing...
     Mistake will happen when we are trying to abandon our previous standard and mistake will help you to change your mindset and change your limited belief into unlimited belief, it depends on our decision....Mistake will not happen when we know what will happen to the next, so improve our knowledge is better than improve our personal life..