Why so serious in turning a dream into reality?

              In this topic we would like to describe the opinion about a dream, dream is like something unclear but will effect to your vision in reality. I know that every dream is like someone is swimming in the sea but he had no idea where destination he should go, that‘s feeling indicates the dream actually is giving us the image and it tries to evoke our emotional feeling to embody a dream into purpose.

              When you realize that setting goal is started from turning a dream into reality, in fact many people do not believe in what kind of dream will be imagined and their dream is just dreaming, so if we want to make better life, we should take serious in making new standard, I know it’s not easy to interpret the dream becomes reality, so we need to standardize what kind of dream will be evolved into reality, if people just work to earn the money, they would not find how to rule the money. To rule the money we have to sincerely add the value first and give it to somebody else although we haven’t got money at the first time.

              Turning a dream into reality is part of love feeling and if you are taking serious to decide the decision, your dream will give you the extra power and it makes you visible during riding your dream, and there’s another option when your dream can’t appear namely meditation, it will help you awake your subconscious mind and turn it into the reality.

               In addition we need to make some principled approach to a dream first because the dream is living in the invisible nature, we can’t make it right without doing the exact planning, some of people who are not serious or not being loyal in their dream, their dream will betray to dreamer because the failure of dream usually came from the dreamer's uncertain feeling             

Why do people need to raise the standard of living?

   Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic "why do people need to raise the standard of living?", the main reason why I choose that topic because every human is surrounded by the price of daily needs which it is unstable, sometimes the market's demand is offering the higher price than it usually does, from the market's unstable price condition, it pushes people to buy more stuff than what they need, in order to balance the market's price demand, we need to raise the standard of self-demand, it means, we need to do something before the market's price is higher, such as, we raise the standard of learning, we raise the standard of investment, we raise the standard of personal development, the reason why we need to categorize of 3 things because those are requirements how to support the standard of living, before we need to raise the standard of living, we need to raise the standard of contribution and the standard of self-demanding first, that's strategy how to resist the market's unstable price demand, the reason why you need to apply that strategy above because the market's price is beyond our control, if we just raise the standard of living without upgrading the standard of self-demanding, we will be forced by the market's demand to buy something we don't really need.

  Standard of life is depending from what people spend in the most time and what people emotionally need, if people just buy something for satisfaction, we must sell something where it will attract a big appreciation from others, remember; attention is a new currency, if we can sell more than what most people need it, the standard of living in the society will grow, our main duty is not making our standard of living grows, but how to change people's habit and make people's standard of living is growing, remember; buying the stuff is not kind of strategy how to raise the standard of living, selling something is kind of strategy how to raise the standard of living of anyone else as well as the standard of awareness, here is the additional note; don't try to change the standard of people's spending habit because everyone has own standard of spending, if we fail to raise the standard of people's spending habit because our standard doesn't match with what people need, our job is not selling the stuff where most people don't have, but how to make people realizing that our standard of personality can sell what people need, the more we raise the standard of personality, the more people will find us and learn how to raise their standard of living, now if you ask me why do people need to raise the standard of living because the economy's market price depends on what people spend, the more we can fulfill what people emotionally need, people will use our product or serviceI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.        

How to know the Wonderful stage in your life?

            In this section I would like to share about how to know wonderful stage in your life, no matter how hard your life you have, there’s no excuse to blame yourself or blame the others, life is created by God in order to grace your home, that’s home is not making you comfortable but it’s giving you a survive, so basically the wonderful stage is kind of resourcefulness which will implant into your mindset in order to make you feel more valuable in your life.
           Wonderful stage is like a building architect, it will give you an idea to setting your plan into the reality, so we will definitely learn from the reality and let it will give you a value, when you don’t do progress in your life, you have got zero number but when you make a hope, you have got 1 number in your particular activity.
           Making wonderful stage is not easy because wonderful stage is coming from the uncomfortable zone, we need to re-learn what possibility we can take from that area, don’t ever think uncomfortable area is like dangerous place where it makes us feeling down, the uncomfortable area is like the highest happiness level where we didn’t get it through before.

           We must remember one thing that the midst will make you invisible but the midst will give you concentrate to pinpoint the area you making your movement, in addition when you realize the more midst make you feel a haze, the less vision you make it, otherwise the less vision you see the area, the more concentrate you earn.

           No need to regret when you can’t recognize your own life because the wonderful stage can’t be reached in one time, but it needs your rest of your life, the simple way to recognize your wonderful stage is digging your mistake, developing basic necessity such as mentality and emotional intelligent, making yourself into an experimental object, making better question to yourself. Do it now as if you are looking for leverage. furthermore when you succeed to leverage your stage, you are making a light in the midst of darkness.

How to create the vision to your life?

             For this section i would like to share about how to create the vision to our life, as you know that when someone wants to get better life, he has to take an idea or do something in the certain way such as make study plan in the near future, not sleeping more than 6 hours because he is being busy person to learn the target, making a specific decision Etc.
              When we were child, we were usually being told by teacher about the story at the school, the teacher started to connect our past memory with the compulsory subject then those subjects take us some times to visualize the picture of ambition in the near future, when we succeed to get a clear image from the educated system then we start to create a dream, we must realize the dream will not be wilt as long as we believe to make a path for dream, that’s simple method to connect between our ambition and dream, some people consider believing a dream is just nonsense. Do you know why those people are not believing of those? because they have dwelt in the comfort zone, they failed to realize the dream will not dwell in the present, but the dream is like growing up the branch from the seed.

            So we are willing or not we sincerely believe that the big tree will not grow unless it was nourished by water in the past, there is no instant result to create vision. It needs ritual to develop our visionary. In order to create a new vision in everyday circumstance we must pull our subconscious mind to be connected to our mindset, the more you create vision the more you believe in your dream, the less you create vision the less hope you make, so it depends on what power do you use? You use the power of laziness or the power of hope

            Don’t judge wrongly your dream as if your dream will not happen but you must create vision in order to establish the bottom area in your dream, when you can’t find your way, you will get lost, when you get lost you will not know who you are. The power of hope will not take you down but it will help you to search your unlimited power, so be relax when you fail because when you get a success, you will be missing your most valuable thing In life namely failure and mistake.

How to be best student in life

           As we know being best student is part of achievement which can inspire every single student at the school, in the normal education system many teachers taught the student how to remember every compulsory subject and the student easily became forget to learn because they just learned something usual which has been reoccurred all the time, so when student asks to his teacher “hi teacher, why I should take this examination otherwise this one has been reoccurred year by year”. I am sure this question will bring an offense to every teacher whom being asked.
           The Best student’s plan is demanding what make him to gain the acceptance from the life achievement, for him, gaining his knowledge is part  to regenerate the unlocked skill, and he thinks the knowledge is everything and also more valuable rather than some of money.  For him the increasing knowledge will lead him to produce some questions in order to measure how capable he is. The more questions he creates to himself the more knowledge will help him to measure how capable he is.

         You have to remember that the best student always ignores any excuse and rejects it in order to accept the failure, he is certain the more rejection he gets, the more feedback he will learn, the more he learns the closer him to his outcome, so basically being success or fail depending to what you though and what you believe. The conclusion we can learn from this topic is, don’t get mad when you are failing something because being best student is always accepting the reality although it has full of rejection, the thinking way of being best student is always keep learning no matter what subject will try to reject him personally. 

How to be calm person during being rejected

               In this topic we will talk about something weird and funny because this topic will make everyone being open minded person, I will give you the simple question concerning with the common truth is how can a person to face something when he is going to be rejected at the first time, of course he will be upset and also feeling pissed off with the end result, so let us elucidate a bit how can ordinary person to be calm when he knows he will be rejected at that time.
              At the first we can analyze what makes someone is feeling so relax, he knows he is going to be rejected or he knows he is going to be criticized because he intentionally realizes he does what he can only do all this time, that’s the reason he is going to be rejected, in the human’s social life for example : when some people are going to give some efforts in their organization or company, they are starting to complain and try to compare between their professional skill with other people in different situation.
               We must notice in the smallest thing what’s caused a person are rejected when he is attempting to do the best thing ? To answer to this question is so simple, at the first reason: he is feeling comfortable in their personal life, at the second reason: he doesn’t want to raise his standard because he thinks his current standard can change everything he sees around,

              To pinpoint who ‘s side is going to be right or who’s side is going to be wrong, we must understand that every human’ s being has the right to be claimed, when there’s someone wants to fit his standard with one’s standard, he must yield with the current standard and starting to learn something new from the someone who claims having the higher standard. I am sure when one person has agreed to cooperate with someone else’s competent, they are becoming calm, being resourceful people and being easy-going guys. So I conclude for this topic “when someone can only do what he can do, he never be more than he is now”. in addition I believe when the people understand into each other's standard. there’s no more rejection, there’s no more arguing into each other because they know they will be needed.

Why I should take a nap ?

            Life is not recycling in one spot, but it’s running from one spot to another spot such as marathon, when one’s feeling the exhausted comes up in the daily routine activity, he keeps running until he get through in the target, unfortunately 7/10 people are not chasing the target in the maximum range, they instead seeing the shadow of worries because of their own distraction. Do you know why the distraction must happen during chasing the target? Because the people are exhausted enough and they still push their mind and body to chase the target’s movement. I think the problem becomes clearer as I can see them, the people who are lack of napping have no maximal focus power, if this routine has been down to the next generation, we worry the human’s creativity is not significantly increasing beyond their progressive result. Feeling lack of napping also can lower the human’s conscience mind power.
            The length of time period for napping should be taken around 15 minutes or 30 minutes especially for the professional workers / labor who works in the factory or manufacturing company, so this rule can be applied immediately in the  working hour, so this proposal is aimed in order to lessen the number of professional worker who are being underemployed in the unknown day.

            When you feel insecure, anxiety, anesthetic or maybe lack of focus under work pressure, distress, etc. that’s symptoms are showing the irregular nerves movement, actually someone who is suffering the big problem in his life is not caused by consuming the unhygienic food or having not enough money but All  the symptoms of unorganized reaction  is coming from lack of focus to search the serenity. we can conclude taking a nap is good for our healthy nerves in mind and also good for healthy body

How to resist the temptation?

               In this topic we will talk about how to resist the temptation in our surrounded environment, as we know the temptation is kind of bad behavior who has been created to satisfy the lust, some people interpret the temptation will turn down our skillful way, in the reality the temptation will always stand at your side and wait the right time to defeat one’s weak point, I know the temptation is an inevitable thing of this life but we can try to manipulate the length of time period when the temptation is trying to grow up.
            At the first step, we must know what we are going to do when the temptation is appeared in the circumstances, for the young man especially does the recklessness thing in their daily routine coincides the temptation is shown up  at that time,  as being one’s adolescence, the temptation is like his best friend and hardly to control it, in the job affair the temptation often change becoming the management strata level, it will subdue to professional worker’s spirituality and finally  it will influence their professional’s skill to commit the dishonest thing during working such as he is feeling jealous or feeling envious when his comrade has gained the target rather than himself.
            From the above example we can learn that the temptation always defeat the unstably professional way. The bigger the temptation is made the more chance someone to commit crime, basically everyone has the temptation in their life and depending to the situation whether someone is planning to create the temptation to somebody else or someone is avoiding the temptation from his circumstances.

            At the second step, we must remember the temptation only can be defeated by the strong reason of leaving, the stronger reason someone has made the lesser influence abides. That is the simple method which can turn someone becoming qualified person. we can conclude the temptation is part of invitation which can lower our reputation ahead.

How to be your own man

          We all know that being your own man is not considered from where you study or how much potential you have, becoming your own man there is nothing to do with human social life such discussing people to people or place to place, but we consider to how far did you go in your life, how long do you live with your run-time, so basically we must predict earlier to our self and we must assume how to summarize the end result is going to fit with plan beforehand, one thing you must remember is the more responsibility you take and the more maturity you earn.
          In fact when you can’t live in your own body, you will take more risk by associating with the unqualified people and those people unpredictably will burden you with huge unwillingly problem, to avoiding unpredictable mistake because of making disarray association with unqualified people is not easy, they will find another method to crush your personal life and search your weakness, the first thing you decide is you must expand your knowledge and also make an opinion about yourself, the more reaction you make is going to show you how to walk with your own path without overthrowing someone else’s success, when you always make question and criticize about yourself, you will become a sensible person because you are really sure how to make good judgment and your experience will help to encounter people’s blasphemy.

          In addition, someone who makes resolution in their life every single day, his attitude and personal life has been grown up unconsciously, no matter how hard you do for your life being, there must be jealous people who will turn down your life without mercy, the more you sharp your knowledge the more confident you talk. in the other hand the less you create the knowledge the more silent you will be.

How to be happy

          This topic we would like to discuss about what is the meaning of happiness, this topic we will try to widen our gaze, I believe there are many people are trying to do something in order to get the real happiness, to ensure the happiness can be achieved, they are starting to study something unknown or maybe such strange and some people are elucidating the meaning of happiness which is connected with their desire
          Some people interpret the happiness can be achieved by doing idle away In the leisure time, some people interpret the happiness can be achieved by studying to get the highest education degree, some people interpret the happiness can be achieved by getting popular in media mass, television, advertisement, radio, Etc. so basically they just do to get satisfaction, so most of them indeed are repeating the feeling of satisfaction in the past. And satisfaction can’t get you to the real happiness, if you want to know how to get the real happiness, you first have to get a purpose and by what your purpose is doing, you must remember the only thing we can get simple happiness when we are needed as many as people in the world because they see something important in you.

         The happiness is the only path to get through to the source of happiness and The Happiness is like the vacation poster which has been pinned in the billboard which will get people informed until they are enthusiastic from it, once they are interested with that picture, they will make progressive and take the massive action to get there. So be ready when you want to get the real happiness because there’s something unknown will knock you down namely yourself. There is one more important thing you have to notice is when you misinterpret the meaning of happiness, the life will compromise with your happiness. Do you know why ? because the compromise is an inevitable part of life

How to be smart

          Hi good reader, In this topic we will talk about how to be smart, I guess every human being who is living in this world desired how to be smart person, the reason why they want to be smart because they want to get recognition and promotion from what they have done, basically they hope what they do can invite the fortune, being smart as not as simple what they think, remember this note; smart person always needs a high price, whereas smart behavior always needs a high value from what they learn, we can't become smart if we just pursue the high price ticket, if we enliven this kind of habit, everyone is unintentionally being forced to live like the rat race, in the modern era, many companies are competing each other to look for the smart person who obey with the company's policy, but in the end of the day, the smart people will live into desperate, at this moment, let me tell you how to be smart in the most efficient way and in the most effective way, here is the first strategy how to be smart; don't prove that you always be right, be humble, and don't compete with others but you must compete with yesterday's person of yourself. remember this note; being smart person is not representing person who is gaining a high education, but person who is obeying with the future-oriented process.

        Here is the second strategy how to be smart in the most efficient way and in the most effective way; we work not to get the acknowledgement from the society's lifestyle, but how we propose a better ideology for their lives, we must be ready with consequence if we want to be acknowledged as smart person in the public, the more number of smarter people exist in the world, the more number of problem will be existing too, do you know why? Because they will spend their major time to prove others get wrong and the smart people will be spreading their perfectionism, when people commit to be smart, they must behave like the seed which can adapt with unknown circumstance, not to live like the rat race, being smart in this life is not assumed on the higher formal educational. But truly smart person is always having good behavior in every day’s situation, besides that, smart people are having highly emotional intelligent and whatever they do, they always bring something benefits to other people, that’s the way how to be smart person, if you want to ask me what’s step how to be smart, so you must ask yourself and decide to make decision with question “what do I need to do in order to make my behavior will be commensurate with the future's hope or the market demand?” or “does my behavior create a peace in other people's lives”, if you can make it happen, you have a big potential how to be smart in every situation, that's enough, hopefully my explanation can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck

How to spot the liar ?

          Hi good reader, At this moment we will talk about how to spot the liar, as we know the liar is coming from the bad habit which has been repeated over and over again, this habit often has been used for defending one’s reputation, so this is kind of human’s fake character and also it will bring effect to surrounding people who listens what he says, basically someone starts lying because he doesn't fear any consequence behind his mistake, besides that, the liar usually shows his lying when he wants to defend his honor, so others people will value him as a sharp, in fact, he never accomplishes what he started in the first commitment.
         We need a nice strategy how to spot the liar because the liar always plans to grab people's attention and he wants to change the circumstance to be perfect, the first thing we must do how to spot the liar is the liar can't commit with his own decision, in the rest of his life, the liar always creates sensation by grabbing as much as attention from the public, the second thing we must do how to spot the liar is the liar always behaves like an intellectual snob behavior, the more often he talks something, the bigger lie he creates, so the truthful person doesn’t want to hear the rumor because rumor has nothing more important than avoiding the reality, the liar’s behavior can be reviewed when he tells something, the third thing we must do how to spot the liar is at the first glance the liar always behave polite, then his gesture of hand doesn’t show some definite reaction or he can't show the congruence between his gesture hand and the proven data.

        the fourth thing we must do how to spot the liar; the liar always breaks his promise every time he wants to make a promise, the liar can’t be entrusted to do anything better because the liar always avoid his most frightening experience to be shown off, he can't be confident because his soul is always repelling what he sayswe don’t need to fear or feeling hatred to the liar because someone who behaves lying can’t feel calm in his life, he will be punished  by reality, in the end of the day life will lie to the liar and there is no single person will put their trustworthy to the liar, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article will help you to improve your life, good luck.

Why people cheat ?

         Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic "why people cheat? At the first reason why people intend to cheat because they don't recognize their essential of living, the second reason why  people cheat because they get frustrated how to earn more money, so their excuses are leading themselves to possess poor habit, in my opinion; we don't need to cheat if we want to get something we never have because everything is this world can be exchanged with our skills, idea and masterpiece, remember; before we want something from this world, we must know what we can offer and what we are capable of, life system is very complicated, uncertainty and full of risk, we should beware about what we offer to others, if we offer something bad to others, life will return something bad as equal with what we offer to others, we can't escape from the consequence, every great thing needs preparation and good habit, only frustrated people do cheat,  do they think can escape from the consequence?, No, because God will stand against the cheating process, what I believe is when we start to cheat others, the future will cheat about what we do, we will never obtain wealth, instead we get the high risk consequence from cheating behavior we have done in the past, remember this; if there is cheating in transaction, there is no dealing process in transaction, we must listen our heart first before we commit to do, don't do something with shallow mind.

     If our mind can't harmonize with our heart, we shouldn't continue the process because we will get more terrible result, we must know about the cause and effect's law if we want to get good result at what we do, don't let what we do can create disaster to  others, if what we do can create a harmony to our mind and our heart, we should continue it because it is gift from Almighty God, whereas, the cheating process is part of the evil desire, we must stop the process if we want to feel peace, it is impossible for us can gain more wealth if we keep cheating because it is against with God's command, our heart is the place where it will accommodate God's wisdom, cheating is horrible way to do because this habit indicates someone has never found the happiness in their life journeyhere is the first thing we must do if we want to avoid the cheating process from the cheater; don't look for easiness, convenience and instant result, the reason why we must avoid them because the huge benefit comes after we meet difficulty, the more we expect the easiest thing to get, the more we get a huge disappointment from it, please don't do that, here is the second thing we must do if we want to avoid the cheating process from the cheater; don't believe with someone who can guarantee your happiness by offering you more benefit after doing business because there is no man can guarantee about success in the future, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.   

Why People hate me ?

     At this moment we will talk about dissatisfaction which is making someone feel being hatred by someone else or being hatred by group of people, as we know when somebody has feeling of hatred because he is feeling being rejected by some people who have higher standard in their life, the point why people hate us because of this simple statement, the more difference has appeared the less confident somebody has, when this situation happens to everyone, so he will search something in order to make them being confident person and being trustworthy in every moment.
      As we know Everyone has different standard, he will do everything better in order to make group of people to accept his existence in society, the more trust he gets the more confident he earns, he will not let himself to be desperate person, as return he will detach his standard when there’s powerful people is helping him to get higher standard from previous one. When group of people know how to recognize their respective standard area, they will expand their standard to socialize their standard to another society

Diagram of standard of human life in society

     The main reason why someone often being hatred by group people in society because he can’t accustom himself with the society’s standard, If he can’t detach his standard to follow the society's standard which is being provided by group of people. The society will abandon him and start labeling him as retard person, So as per individual person whether is willing or not to change his standard, he has to force himself to raise his standard first in order to get a new standard from the society.

Why people become gay ?

      This topic we will try to deepen study about the human abnormality habit which is happening to society, becoming gay is part of social habit which is happening to somebody who has mental illness and disability to differentiate between the human nature and human personal life’s meaning. As we know human nature is having the part of complex thing which lay inside into the living body, like molecule, DNA, characteristic, skeleton, sensory organ, Etc. On the other side the human personal life is constituted by the human daily program such as eating, drinking, working in the factory, hang out with friend, enjoying party in the night with couple. Etc. 

      As we know the repetition will create something less to strong, and the repetition will create a new personal of human life, we can call it as the next self-copied generation, human life is generated by the process of consumption of social relationship such as associating with someone else in group, when they are feeling something good and feeling satisfaction, they will subdue their emotion feeling to their relationship. In addition someone who has a lack of knowledge in making human relationship, they are going to start doing unnatural in order to get something satisfaction in their personal life, sadly they don't know whether they do it for the right thing or bad thing, for their thinking ways is the part of the important thing in life is they are feeling satisfaction

        for example : Mr. Alex will ask Ms. Bella to date in the Saturday’s night festival, but sadly Miss. Bella always make Mr. Alex feeling unhappy and making Mr. Alex feels wrongdoing, then they decide to break the relationship, after that  Mr. Alex will search another partner in order to impinge his problem to the mate, in another day Mr. Alex is making appointment with Mr. Charles (one of best friend) and they discuss about their personal life’s problem, luckily Mr. Charles has same problem as Mr. Alex did, they start to reveal what they feel in personal life, in the following day they feel good in making relationship without feeling the disappointment into each other, in order to satisfy their emotion feeling, Mr. Alex and Mr. Charles will search something unnatural to impinge their lust, for some unknown day the human nature  will be shifted at that time such as disaffection of sensory organ, so Mr. Alex and Mr. Charles start to become gay and their complex feeling will manipulate their lust finally they are not interested with woman in longer time.

    for preventing the next generation to become gay, we must learn this rule to them
1. they have to teach to the next generation how to learn the sociology
2. they have to deepen the religion knowledge in order to teach them how to recognize why Man and Woman are created to complete something
3. they have to search something natural in life such as learning sexual knowledge, such as human reproduction process, learn the dangerous of sexual harassment in order to satisfy one's lust for power
4. they have to search the good social community and join with them such as red-cross association, helping the hungry person, etc.

Why people Smoke ?

       Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic "why people smoke", the main reason why i choose that topic because many people can't stop smoking even though the government try to advise them, at this point, I would like to let you know why people smoke, there are several factors why people tend to smoke, hopefully these several factors can give you new inspiration and you can stop smoking after you read this article, here is the first factor why people smoke; negative self-image, the reason why I say such thing because they consider themselves is getting better after they smoke, besides that, they feel encouraged when they smoke, that's not good answer, the root of problem why people start smoking is people feel addicted after they smoke and people will not feel better if they stop smoking, that's negative self-image, besides that, cigarette that they consume will not attach the health certificate from the medical department, At the first we must realize why cigarette can't encourage to people's spirit, as long as cigarette can't support human's health, cigarette will leave the unpredictable disease which is happening in the future, such as lung cancer, heart attack, if we look at the fact, some smokers choose to challenge the medical judgment whether cigarette can give negative impact or not to their own health, remember this note; as long as there is product that can make people addicted so often, that product is not good for health,

     Here is the second factor why people smoke; they think the cigarette can change their mood, it means, they consider cigarette is the only strategy how to improve their moodin my opinion; the smoker’s mindset is "as long as there is something can fill their loneliness or it change their mood, they will choose smoking is the alternative strategy to fulfill what they emotional need", if they start to label smoking activity is part of the best activity, their habit will be harder to be stopped, in my opinion; the smokers should think the consequent first before they are doing something insidious, remember; there is nobody can predict when the disease starts to attack their health until the smoker's health would be pushed to believe that cigarette is really bad, starting from now, "please don't try something without being ready to accept the bad consequence because good opportunity to recover health will be gone after the bad consequence starts counting the smoker's habit", here is the third factor why people smoke; they often do purposeless activity, remember; "good habit will never stay together with bad habit", if people spend their major time to do purposeless activity, their psychological tends to shape bad habit easily rather than shape good habit, purposeless activity is part of bad habit and smoking activity are part of bad habit because it can destroy the future's hope, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.

Why Being Fear?

  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic "why being fear?", basically every human has different capacity and having a different output in their learning skilldo you know why we need to have capacity because it helps us to prevent the miscellaneous information which is trying to manipulate our mind with a negative influence, if you think you fear of something new, it is normal because you never tried it before or maybe you lack of experience, if your sense of fearfulness would be giving a worse thing to your inner peace, that's means if you aren't allowed to continue it, unless you have adequate preparation, remember; having a fear is normal, but having a huge fear is not normal because it will create a mental disorder to human's conscious mind, the root cause why people are being fear because they train their habit to feel disappointed about the end result which has shown by reality, the second cause why people are being fear because they lack of honing their survival instinct to face the uncertaintysense of fearfulness is happening because many people are too loyal with tradition where it can't teach them how to survive, I don't blame if people have a hope, but if people don't balance it with what they can do something, their hope will turn into fear because hope and fear are living in uncertainty, or out of human's control.


 The first aid you can give to a fearful person is giving him an empathy, you can share your good experience to him, or you can guide him how to design his own future with strategic plan, remember this; "the more you give the empathy to a fearful person, the more he will reveal his problem to you and he will listen every word you say", I know it is not easy to deal with other people's problem, all you can do if you can't solve his problem is being a good listener, you show him about the glace of bright future, such as someone who has a dream how to become a world traveler in 5 years later, the second aid you can give to a fearful person is teach him how to control what they can and teach him how to let go what is leaving him, means, a fearful person must ensure what he pursues can give him a good feedback, don't pursue something where it is staying away from us, sometimes there are many people want to pursue their target, but what they target instead it is going to leave them, as result, they keep pushing their limitation to pursue what they target, it is not good idea because it causes worry and fearif I were at their position, I will leave something which can't evoke my happiness and I will pursue something which can attract happiness and peace, now let me share to you about what causes people to fear; here is the first cause why people fear; they lack having the clarity of thought to do what they need to do, the reason why they lack having the clarity of thought because they always do something which is opposing with Almighty God's law, here is the second cause why people fear; they were living too long in the past, they were living too casual and they didn't have a life purpose, the reason why I say such thing because their behavior is not congruent with the natural's habit, if you see about the universe habit, they work like a future-oriented process, they don't care about the past, they keep doing with dedication, commitment, consistency because the universe knows about its responsibility, such as providing what human need for living, if the universe is not serious about what they are doing, the human will die for meaningless purposeI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.   

Bagaimana menjaga komitmen persatuan

      Persatuan memang bermakna indah dan sangat menawan dikarenakan makna persatuan mampu menggabungkan segala bentuk perbedaan yang memiliki jenis kepribadian yang unik dan juga beraneka ragam, dan disetiap perbedaan memiliki daya tarik dan keinginan untuk dihargai keberadaannya, persatuan itu seperti bongkahan / serpihan kaca dan disetiap kepingannya memiliki bentuk yang tidak sama antara satu sama lain namun masih bisa mengeluarkan pantulan sinar jika terkena cahaya, yang bisa kita pelajari dari kepingan kaca adalah bahwa meskipun mereka berbentuk serpihan kaca namun mereka tidak berusaha untuk beradu argumentasi, tidak ada keinginan untuk saling menjatuhkan martabat satu sama lain.
   Sebuah bangsa yang kuat dan kokoh itu tidak berusaha menunjukkan kepribadian yang penuh dengan rasa kebanggaan namun berusaha untuk membentuk kepribadian yang bisa diterima di semua kalangan, sebagai seorang pemuda yang memiliki jiwa sentimental memang akan sulit untuk menyatukan segala bentuk perbedaan dikarenakan setiap perbedaan akan dianggap sebagai hambatan dalam mewujudkan impian bersama, justru sebaliknya jika seorang pemuda tidak menggunakan jiwa sentimental namun justru menggunakan alasan kuat daripada perasaannya, itu akan membentuk sebuah ideology yang baru dan terarah.

Lalu tindakan apa yang bisa membentuk sebuah komitmen persatuan ?

1.     Kita harus berunding bersama dan mulai bertukar ideology masing masing
2.     Mencoba untuk membuat strategy yang bisa diterima bersama sama
3.  Tidak menunjukkan keegoisan / prinsip keras kepala terhadap apa yang dimilikinya kepada orang lain
4.     Saling memberikan amanah satu sama lain dan hasilnya mudah untuk disepakati ketika berusaha untuk menciptakan sebuah gagasan

Apa yang membuat wanita sering diam tak merespon

     Kita harus mengenali terlebih dahulu apa yang membuat wanita tidak mau merespon karna pada dasarnya wanita juga punya hak untuk berbicara seperti orang pada umumnya , wanita telah dikaruniakan oleh tuhan berupa kekuatan perasaan yang lebih peka dan lebih besar daripada kekuatan perasaan yang dimiliki oleh pria, pada dasarnya setiap wanita juga mampu merespon dengan cepat sekali ketika apa yang disukainya telah terwujud.
       Tugas menjaga perasaan wanita sebagai pria itu sangatlah rumit dan jika pria tak mampu menguasai gejolak hatinya, maka dia akan berperilaku seperti wanita yaitu marah yang lama sekali redamnya, wanita hakikatnya ingin diperhatikan dengan sapaan, dimanja dengan pemberian hadiah dan juga dimengerti segala bentuk kegundahan hatinya, bagi wanita itulah hal yang sering ditunggu kedatangannya, namun dengan seiiring berjalannya waktu, harapan itu tak kunjung muncul, itulah salah satu penyebab utama yang membuat wanita sering diam tak respon.
        Ada beberapa hal lagi yang harus diperhatikan ketika wanita berdiam diri, seorang pria harus mau merelakan waktu dan tenaga untuk memberikan kenangan baik yang memudahkan wanita untuk mengingatnya, karena hasilnya nanti akan membuat wanita memberikan respond terbaiknya kepada pria, ketika apa yang dirasakan wanita sudah diselesaikan oleh pria, maka wanita akan memberikan kesetiaan yang lebih besar daripada kesetiaan pria.

 Tindakan apa saja yang membuat wanita akan merespon
11.  Memberikan apa yang dia minta, berupa memberikan ekstra perhatian / sapaan yang sering kepada wanita sehingga wanita akan selalu mengingatnya tanpa perlu diulang kembali kenangan itu.
22. Memberikan kenangan baik dan kenangan yang sifatnya bisa diingat dalam jangka waktu yang lama.

33. Tidak berusaha mengungkit kesalahan wanita yang diperbuat dimasa lampau.

Bagaimana sikap seseorang jika diselingkuhi

Banyak sekali penyakit sosial yang melanda kepada masyarakat Indonesia, faktornya yang sering melanda ke para pemuda pemudi itu ketika mereka tidak menyadari arti kesetiaan, dan kesetiaan itu yang seharusnya dimiliki oleh pasangan kekasih yang mengikat janji sehidup semati, dan ketika mereka tidak mampu berikrar janji kepada pasangannya, mereka akan mencoba untuk menjauh dari pasangannya dan mulai mencari orang lain yang diharapkan untuk mengerti perasaan satu sama lain.
Belakangan ini kejadian yang terjadi di masyarakat justru menjadikan makna cinta seperti kulit kacang dan hanya mau menikmati isi kacangnya saja, kemudian mereka menyalahkan cinta yang tertanam pada dirinya lalu berusaha melogikakan kesalahannya dan mengubah perasaan cintanya menjadi ketidaksetiaan, sikap itulah yang sering membius logika para pemuda dan pemudi untuk berlomba lomba untuk membuat kesalahan dalam memilih partner, semua itu dikarenakan ketidaksesuaian yang dipaksakan untuk bersama sama, mereka tidak belajar arti kesetiaan dan akhirnya saling melontarkan kesalahan yang seharusnya dengan melihat kesalahan diri mereka sendiri.

Sikap yang seharusnya kita lakukan ketika pasangan kita sedang selingkuh

1.     mengumpulkan informasi terlebih dahulu secara detail, atau mungkin melibatkan orang  kita bisa percaya dari kalangan saudara atau dari pihak keluarga.
2.     Meminta ketegasan dari pasangan kita tentang status yang dia buat dengan pihak ketiga.

3.  Jangan membalas tindakan tersebut dengan membalas tentang apa yang telah dilakukan oleh pasangan kita karna itu akan membuat lingkaran kebencian yang tak ada selesainya.
4. segera putuskan hubungan tersebut karna dia tidak akan bisa membangun impian bersama dengan anda