Being special one

Being different person from the previous one

When someone tries to catch what their dream, he tries to ensure what size of dream should be taken from it, being different person is not easy and takes more time to do it because they need plan, place and the ritual to put you there, but sometimes the problem is often coming from the unsupported family or friend and some relatives,  so basically a person who is not aware about the good supported environment, he will associates with the recklessness  and continue to reoccur.
Being different person doesn’t mean to be crazy person or doing uncommon habitual activity, being different means being best self rather than being previous man who does the worldly same activity,  the characteristic of dream need to be accustomed to our characteristic, sometimes we need to adapt our self to fulfill the dream, when we ask our self to approach a dream, what kind of requirement should we need and what kind of method is needed to prove the dream can be achieved.
When we know we should do for achieving the dream, we don’t need to worry for the next day because we enjoy being different better person, normally there are many circumstance will disturb our intention, that’s we call it our black spirit, every human being lives in this world has darker side to their body and mind, that’s our first job in this life to conquer it. To conquer black spirit, we must create the incantation and submerge it together with our spiritual energy.
The black spirit can’t be avoid within us because that’s gift from God, maybe you think Why does God insist to put the black spirit to every human being living, in fact the black spirit is represented as the hidden potential energy, if you master the potential energy, you are capable to unlock your hidden potential and makes you understand everything you need and the reward will search you automatically, one thing you only need is mastering the potential energy is mastering your emotional intelligent first, that’s we call it as the artificial intelligent, when we get through to the unlimited energy, it will block by itself because the unlimited energy knows the human being capacity is limited, so that human being needs to unlock the hidden potential by generating the positive mind  and change the negative question to the positive question, so it likes the option, for example “when the failure comes up to my mind, this really the failure or teaching…? “ and when I didn’t succeed to achieve my dream, this is not my talent or it’s gift from God..? ”
So basically there’s no mistake as long as we strive to exert our hope and there’s no failure but it’s only growing up, like a seed has been implanted to the ground, day by day the seed will grow up unpredictable. Human being don’t need to pretend what they are becoming to be somebody else, Human being usually abandon their dream to become better ones when they don’t find the solution, so their dream will be impotent and there is no more hope left. As I mentioned earlier the dream can’t be touched by fundamental basic like method the way they used to, writing their dream, improve their method, but it also need improving their hope, hope is like chain which connect to one link to another link, and the main problem is human being often don’t trust to their dream, so their dream will be wilting.

Being better person will take risk of their routine activity, they must sacrifice some more time in order to reduce the inefficient activity and do more productive activity, you must remember that the being better person, you have to reduce or eliminate your other important activity in order to gain the power of focus, we don’t need to be copy-man to somebody else, if we want to achieve the biggest dream , we have to create our commitment and decrease the inefficient activity, do it continually until we want to achieve another dream.