How to be best student in life

           As we know being best student is part of achievement which can inspire every single student at the school, in the normal education system many teachers taught the student how to remember every compulsory subject and the student easily became forget to learn because they just learned something usual which has been reoccurred all the time, so when student asks to his teacher “hi teacher, why I should take this examination otherwise this one has been reoccurred year by year”. I am sure this question will bring an offense to every teacher whom being asked.
           The Best student’s plan is demanding what make him to gain the acceptance from the life achievement, for him, gaining his knowledge is part  to regenerate the unlocked skill, and he thinks the knowledge is everything and also more valuable rather than some of money.  For him the increasing knowledge will lead him to produce some questions in order to measure how capable he is. The more questions he creates to himself the more knowledge will help him to measure how capable he is.

         You have to remember that the best student always ignores any excuse and rejects it in order to accept the failure, he is certain the more rejection he gets, the more feedback he will learn, the more he learns the closer him to his outcome, so basically being success or fail depending to what you though and what you believe. The conclusion we can learn from this topic is, don’t get mad when you are failing something because being best student is always accepting the reality although it has full of rejection, the thinking way of being best student is always keep learning no matter what subject will try to reject him personally. 

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