How to be calm person during being rejected

               In this topic we will talk about something weird and funny because this topic will make everyone being open minded person, I will give you the simple question concerning with the common truth is how can a person to face something when he is going to be rejected at the first time, of course he will be upset and also feeling pissed off with the end result, so let us elucidate a bit how can ordinary person to be calm when he knows he will be rejected at that time.
              At the first we can analyze what makes someone is feeling so relax, he knows he is going to be rejected or he knows he is going to be criticized because he intentionally realizes he does what he can only do all this time, that’s the reason he is going to be rejected, in the human’s social life for example : when some people are going to give some efforts in their organization or company, they are starting to complain and try to compare between their professional skill with other people in different situation.
               We must notice in the smallest thing what’s caused a person are rejected when he is attempting to do the best thing ? To answer to this question is so simple, at the first reason: he is feeling comfortable in their personal life, at the second reason: he doesn’t want to raise his standard because he thinks his current standard can change everything he sees around,

              To pinpoint who ‘s side is going to be right or who’s side is going to be wrong, we must understand that every human’ s being has the right to be claimed, when there’s someone wants to fit his standard with one’s standard, he must yield with the current standard and starting to learn something new from the someone who claims having the higher standard. I am sure when one person has agreed to cooperate with someone else’s competent, they are becoming calm, being resourceful people and being easy-going guys. So I conclude for this topic “when someone can only do what he can do, he never be more than he is now”. in addition I believe when the people understand into each other's standard. there’s no more rejection, there’s no more arguing into each other because they know they will be needed.

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