How to be happy

          This topic we would like to discuss about what is the meaning of happiness, this topic we will try to widen our gaze, I believe there are many people are trying to do something in order to get the real happiness, to ensure the happiness can be achieved, they are starting to study something unknown or maybe such strange and some people are elucidating the meaning of happiness which is connected with their desire
          Some people interpret the happiness can be achieved by doing idle away In the leisure time, some people interpret the happiness can be achieved by studying to get the highest education degree, some people interpret the happiness can be achieved by getting popular in media mass, television, advertisement, radio, Etc. so basically they just do to get satisfaction, so most of them indeed are repeating the feeling of satisfaction in the past. And satisfaction can’t get you to the real happiness, if you want to know how to get the real happiness, you first have to get a purpose and by what your purpose is doing, you must remember the only thing we can get simple happiness when we are needed as many as people in the world because they see something important in you.

         The happiness is the only path to get through to the source of happiness and The Happiness is like the vacation poster which has been pinned in the billboard which will get people informed until they are enthusiastic from it, once they are interested with that picture, they will make progressive and take the massive action to get there. So be ready when you want to get the real happiness because there’s something unknown will knock you down namely yourself. There is one more important thing you have to notice is when you misinterpret the meaning of happiness, the life will compromise with your happiness. Do you know why ? because the compromise is an inevitable part of life


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