How to be smart

          Hi good reader, In this topic we will talk about how to be smart, I guess every human being who is living in this world desired how to be smart person, the reason why they want to be smart because they want to get recognition and promotion from what they have done, basically they hope what they do can invite the fortune, being smart as not as simple what they think, remember this note; smart person always needs a high price, whereas smart behavior always needs a high value from what they learn, we can't become smart if we just pursue the high price ticket, if we enliven this kind of habit, everyone is unintentionally being forced to live like the rat race, in the modern era, many companies are competing each other to look for the smart person who obey with the company's policy, but in the end of the day, the smart people will live into desperate, at this moment, let me tell you how to be smart in the most efficient way and in the most effective way, here is the first strategy how to be smart; don't prove that you always be right, be humble, and don't compete with others but you must compete with yesterday's person of yourself. remember this note; being smart person is not representing person who is gaining a high education, but person who is obeying with the future-oriented process.

        Here is the second strategy how to be smart in the most efficient way and in the most effective way; we work not to get the acknowledgement from the society's lifestyle, but how we propose a better ideology for their lives, we must be ready with consequence if we want to be acknowledged as smart person in the public, the more number of smarter people exist in the world, the more number of problem will be existing too, do you know why? Because they will spend their major time to prove others get wrong and the smart people will be spreading their perfectionism, when people commit to be smart, they must behave like the seed which can adapt with unknown circumstance, not to live like the rat race, being smart in this life is not assumed on the higher formal educational. But truly smart person is always having good behavior in every day’s situation, besides that, smart people are having highly emotional intelligent and whatever they do, they always bring something benefits to other people, that’s the way how to be smart person, if you want to ask me what’s step how to be smart, so you must ask yourself and decide to make decision with question “what do I need to do in order to make my behavior will be commensurate with the future's hope or the market demand?” or “does my behavior create a peace in other people's lives”, if you can make it happen, you have a big potential how to be smart in every situation, that's enough, hopefully my explanation can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck

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