How to be your own man

          We all know that being your own man is not considered from where you study or how much potential you have, becoming your own man there is nothing to do with human social life such discussing people to people or place to place, but we consider to how far did you go in your life, how long do you live with your run-time, so basically we must predict earlier to our self and we must assume how to summarize the end result is going to fit with plan beforehand, one thing you must remember is the more responsibility you take and the more maturity you earn.
          In fact when you can’t live in your own body, you will take more risk by associating with the unqualified people and those people unpredictably will burden you with huge unwillingly problem, to avoiding unpredictable mistake because of making disarray association with unqualified people is not easy, they will find another method to crush your personal life and search your weakness, the first thing you decide is you must expand your knowledge and also make an opinion about yourself, the more reaction you make is going to show you how to walk with your own path without overthrowing someone else’s success, when you always make question and criticize about yourself, you will become a sensible person because you are really sure how to make good judgment and your experience will help to encounter people’s blasphemy.

          In addition, someone who makes resolution in their life every single day, his attitude and personal life has been grown up unconsciously, no matter how hard you do for your life being, there must be jealous people who will turn down your life without mercy, the more you sharp your knowledge the more confident you talk. in the other hand the less you create the knowledge the more silent you will be.

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