How to create the vision to your life?

             For this section i would like to share about how to create the vision to our life, as you know that when someone wants to get better life, he has to take an idea or do something in the certain way such as make study plan in the near future, not sleeping more than 6 hours because he is being busy person to learn the target, making a specific decision Etc.
              When we were child, we were usually being told by teacher about the story at the school, the teacher started to connect our past memory with the compulsory subject then those subjects take us some times to visualize the picture of ambition in the near future, when we succeed to get a clear image from the educated system then we start to create a dream, we must realize the dream will not be wilt as long as we believe to make a path for dream, that’s simple method to connect between our ambition and dream, some people consider believing a dream is just nonsense. Do you know why those people are not believing of those? because they have dwelt in the comfort zone, they failed to realize the dream will not dwell in the present, but the dream is like growing up the branch from the seed.

            So we are willing or not we sincerely believe that the big tree will not grow unless it was nourished by water in the past, there is no instant result to create vision. It needs ritual to develop our visionary. In order to create a new vision in everyday circumstance we must pull our subconscious mind to be connected to our mindset, the more you create vision the more you believe in your dream, the less you create vision the less hope you make, so it depends on what power do you use? You use the power of laziness or the power of hope

            Don’t judge wrongly your dream as if your dream will not happen but you must create vision in order to establish the bottom area in your dream, when you can’t find your way, you will get lost, when you get lost you will not know who you are. The power of hope will not take you down but it will help you to search your unlimited power, so be relax when you fail because when you get a success, you will be missing your most valuable thing In life namely failure and mistake.