How to know our positive energy

Accustom our self to behave positively above negative pressure feeling

   There are many ways to create positive behavior, positive behavior is part of center energy imaginary, positive energy can’t be collected by freewill and there’s no instant method to change everything you do for getting positive energy because positive energy can be pulled with your progressive massive action such studying new language, reading book, take meditation etc.
The real power doesn't run end, it always run faster than ours, we just need to pull it to put in our standard and do something to prove it as real life, life is not alike playing Circus to entertain more people, we have limited time to entertain everybody,  if we do that, we are busy to live in everybody’s life, not live in our own life
We like it or not to our standard, our standard will not change anything better, it just command us to comfort to our creation, positive behavior can’t create by itself, it needs pulls from our differential life, if we can’t change our differential life, we will be ambushed with our desire.
Sometimes not at all desires can guide us to follow the right way because desire has no exact direction, desire just make us live in the comfort zone temporary but it can’t guide us to be grown up in the better identity, we can’t do thing better if  we can’t be pushed, it’s the only one way can push us to do differently from the comfort zone, it’s called incantation.
Some words of mouth can convince us to do something positively or negatively, the more you make stronger reason, the more you take care of your mind to answer your desire, the incantation is like a magic which lead us to be discipline to do.. feeling of passionate can no longer live in your mind if we can’t convince our self to do it, sometimes passionate can not run in it’s own way, it needs our incantation to reveal.
Like a failure, failure can happen when we can’t be better or carelessly during doing routine activity, failure happens in the smallest thing when we don’t consider it as true such as twisting series cable based on the Color installation instruction, being careful person during doing routine activity is like boring activity, so that’s why we need to make failure in one step in order to get the next milestone, the more progress we make the more earn we receive.
So we must remember there’s nothing happen if we just hope and doing nothing such as stone is breaking the land, the stone will not move until we move the stone from it’s sustaining area, that stone is our ultimate resourceful, if we want to keep the stone and move it to another place, we have to bring stone together with us, resourceful is like the additional energy and it is considered as our belonging.
Tracking our capability and train them to measure whether we can move the stone from the cracking area is part of ultimate progression, the stone meaning actually is a leverage, you need a jack hand to lift up the stone, you can look for leverage from the successful people’s story in around, the small thing we should possess at the first is creating good habits and having positive attitude, every day we make it, and every day we earn knowledge, don’t just hope someone else to help you because they know what should they do for making good purpose, so you need to interrupt a bit to their daily activity and ask them for their advice.