How to resist the temptation?

               In this topic we will talk about how to resist the temptation in our surrounded environment, as we know the temptation is kind of bad behavior who has been created to satisfy the lust, some people interpret the temptation will turn down our skillful way, in the reality the temptation will always stand at your side and wait the right time to defeat one’s weak point, I know the temptation is an inevitable thing of this life but we can try to manipulate the length of time period when the temptation is trying to grow up.
            At the first step, we must know what we are going to do when the temptation is appeared in the circumstances, for the young man especially does the recklessness thing in their daily routine coincides the temptation is shown up  at that time,  as being one’s adolescence, the temptation is like his best friend and hardly to control it, in the job affair the temptation often change becoming the management strata level, it will subdue to professional worker’s spirituality and finally  it will influence their professional’s skill to commit the dishonest thing during working such as he is feeling jealous or feeling envious when his comrade has gained the target rather than himself.
            From the above example we can learn that the temptation always defeat the unstably professional way. The bigger the temptation is made the more chance someone to commit crime, basically everyone has the temptation in their life and depending to the situation whether someone is planning to create the temptation to somebody else or someone is avoiding the temptation from his circumstances.

            At the second step, we must remember the temptation only can be defeated by the strong reason of leaving, the stronger reason someone has made the lesser influence abides. That is the simple method which can turn someone becoming qualified person. we can conclude the temptation is part of invitation which can lower our reputation ahead.