Why being fear expert during childhood?

There are many older people around us had tried to scary us with the absurdity reason and trained us how to be fearful person, in recent time the adult people often forget that they deliberately form of wrong habit to their child, so willing or not the ritual which had been created by the adult people would certainly make us becoming a coward child, over and over again. The worst condition effect is when the adult would treat the child like that more than 5 years or more, the next generation would be having the impotent creativity because the adult people succeed to diminish our creativity since child.
The common words which have been shouted by adult people to their children such as “watch out there ‘s Ghost behind you if you don’t want to sleep in your bed or if don’t want to eat something, I will not cook for you, don’t be picky child” furthermore the adult people should eliminate the sound of words from their mouth, I will give an example when the adult people should talk to their child “ hey my dear child, why are you not sleeping in your bed, are you afraid of something, please share it to me, I will be your home” >>> so the child will learn and recognize their problem, that’s  we call it as the education habit
  I will give another solution, when the child would not eat something because of being picky child, the adult people should change the tone from word of mouth such as “ dear my dear child, why are you not eating your food, if you don’t like it, would you allow me to garnish your food with adding some topping onto it”
Basically the child and the adult are having two differential speaking ways namely the chosen tone and the chosen word, normally the child would like to hear the lovely word and the adult person must adapt with situation which is being liked by child, sometimes being mature person would be acknowledged as awkward habits because this is not easy to understand what kind of desire that the child really want, so if we really want to educate the child not being fear expert, so we must change our speaking way that I already gave to the previous example

Being coward person sometimes being rejected by some people but that habit will be liked so much when the adult person can’t find solution to their life, that’s the true life, so when we unrealized like to train our mind to being coward, we will make more reason to hid the desire to be winner from what someone did in the past.
In contrary, we become the fearful person until today when we succeed to repeat the feeling of fear since we were child because of series program which has been continually implanted by the bad habits, there must be something linked to our mind and our soul, finally we were trapped in the dark side, and we will need longer time to manipulate our old habit with new one.
Being skillful person is not considering with how many times we have had in the past, but how deep experience we possess and trained in everyday situation, the discipline habit will regenerate and create the unknown greatest generation, so we must be careful when we are afraid of something, at the first we can learn what cause will make someone to be fearful person and we can refer it from the religion teaching in order to help us to differentiate what dot’s and don’t will be considered as ritual. If the religion teaching gives us the good habit, we can avoid the absurd fear from our mindset.