why people can't recognize to themselves?

As we all know that there are many problems will come to everyone, mistake will come when he doesn’t know what he is doing wrong, the more mistake he makes, the more risk he will burden, actually the problem is like teaching someone how to maintenance the emotional intelligent, in fact he can't maintenance their emotional feeling, they bury their creative instead,  if this section still occur, so he will try to pinpoint the mistake to group of people who have not related anything to his problem, we should realize earlier that everyone who dwell in this world will face their own problem since they were born, so God believes the human being are capable to conquer their problem as long as they believe the God’s destiny

The main cause of a person cannot recognize himself

1. Depression or sadness caused by the experience made by him in the past, and the wound was made by his own fault and supported by broken home environment / family that is not friendly
2. Person who put his feeling of love the world so much and he cannot distinguish himself between the world of imagination and the real world so that his soul was trapped and was not dwelling to their physical body, this is called disassociation, he made himself like a doll and he was imagining as if he was watching himself on television
3. He always blame to others and consider himself to be right and not feeling himself wrong (bald face / face thick)
4. Existence of irregularity in itself (self-disorder) because only prioritizing his pleasure so that the activities he did lead to not clarity purpose / unclear object. So that the results achieved do not lead to good change and end up with the same result of failure.

5. He Thinks time travel can be repeated at any time but never think time will also end.

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