Why becoming uncertain person is very dangerous

            In this section I would like to reveal one of the dangerous character which is always having possessed by the most people who are not bravely to accept the reality, as you know that being uncertain person can’t be relied when he makes promise with someone else, I would like to remind that the more uncertain someone makes it the more unpredictable problem will be there, when someone can’t detect what he said to himself, he starts lying to himself, this curse will be happening in long time period, because there are 2 kind of problem will tighten the uncertain feeling namely problem of feeling anxiety or problem of feeling weakling.
              As human being, becoming uncertain will knock down to every single generation and also the uncertain characteristic can’t be mended easily because the more effort someone does the weaker result will be. There are many reasons to change ordinary person becoming the uncertain person, for example: when someone keeps the promise, it can’t be fulfilled in the right time because he always avoids the certain decision beyond his purpose of life.

             Being uncertain person also can create the chaos in publicity’s sake because when someone hasn’t found the serenity in his heart, he intends to reveal all his passion and emotion to the wrong place and loss making, we can review a bit from unlearn person character that anyone who is being such uncertain usually is going to cheat his own heart, this bad behavior will bring bad effect namely making trick or deceiving to someone else’s profit.

            The human’s heart usually gives a guide to every human’s life, but it depends on what people feel, if someone doesn’t do his soul searching, he is going to do something bad to himself as well as someone else, and furthermore he is never going to get what he wants because he never knows who he is and what’s his purpose of life.

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