Why Being Fear?

  Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic "why being fear?", basically every human has different capacity and having a different output in their learning skilldo you know why we need to have capacity because it helps us to prevent the miscellaneous information which is trying to manipulate our mind with a negative influence, if you think you fear of something new, it is normal because you never tried it before or maybe you lack of experience, if your sense of fearfulness would be giving a worse thing to your inner peace, that's means if you aren't allowed to continue it, unless you have adequate preparation, remember; having a fear is normal, but having a huge fear is not normal because it will create a mental disorder to human's conscious mind, the root cause why people are being fear because they train their habit to feel disappointed about the end result which has shown by reality, the second cause why people are being fear because they lack of honing their survival instinct to face the uncertaintysense of fearfulness is happening because many people are too loyal with tradition where it can't teach them how to survive, I don't blame if people have a hope, but if people don't balance it with what they can do something, their hope will turn into fear because hope and fear are living in uncertainty, or out of human's control.


 The first aid you can give to a fearful person is giving him an empathy, you can share your good experience to him, or you can guide him how to design his own future with strategic plan, remember this; "the more you give the empathy to a fearful person, the more he will reveal his problem to you and he will listen every word you say", I know it is not easy to deal with other people's problem, all you can do if you can't solve his problem is being a good listener, you show him about the glace of bright future, such as someone who has a dream how to become a world traveler in 5 years later, the second aid you can give to a fearful person is teach him how to control what they can and teach him how to let go what is leaving him, means, a fearful person must ensure what he pursues can give him a good feedback, don't pursue something where it is staying away from us, sometimes there are many people want to pursue their target, but what they target instead it is going to leave them, as result, they keep pushing their limitation to pursue what they target, it is not good idea because it causes worry and fearif I were at their position, I will leave something which can't evoke my happiness and I will pursue something which can attract happiness and peace, now let me share to you about what causes people to fear; here is the first cause why people fear; they lack having the clarity of thought to do what they need to do, the reason why they lack having the clarity of thought because they always do something which is opposing with Almighty God's law, here is the second cause why people fear; they were living too long in the past, they were living too casual and they didn't have a life purpose, the reason why I say such thing because their behavior is not congruent with the natural's habit, if you see about the universe habit, they work like a future-oriented process, they don't care about the past, they keep doing with dedication, commitment, consistency because the universe knows about its responsibility, such as providing what human need for living, if the universe is not serious about what they are doing, the human will die for meaningless purposeI think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.   

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