Why I should take a nap ?

            Life is not recycling in one spot, but it’s running from one spot to another spot such as marathon, when one’s feeling the exhausted comes up in the daily routine activity, he keeps running until he get through in the target, unfortunately 7/10 people are not chasing the target in the maximum range, they instead seeing the shadow of worries because of their own distraction. Do you know why the distraction must happen during chasing the target? Because the people are exhausted enough and they still push their mind and body to chase the target’s movement. I think the problem becomes clearer as I can see them, the people who are lack of napping have no maximal focus power, if this routine has been down to the next generation, we worry the human’s creativity is not significantly increasing beyond their progressive result. Feeling lack of napping also can lower the human’s conscience mind power.
            The length of time period for napping should be taken around 15 minutes or 30 minutes especially for the professional workers / labor who works in the factory or manufacturing company, so this rule can be applied immediately in the  working hour, so this proposal is aimed in order to lessen the number of professional worker who are being underemployed in the unknown day.

            When you feel insecure, anxiety, anesthetic or maybe lack of focus under work pressure, distress, etc. that’s symptoms are showing the irregular nerves movement, actually someone who is suffering the big problem in his life is not caused by consuming the unhygienic food or having not enough money but All  the symptoms of unorganized reaction  is coming from lack of focus to search the serenity. we can conclude taking a nap is good for our healthy nerves in mind and also good for healthy body

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