Why people cheat ?

         Hi, good readers, howdy? welcome back with me, Fian, hopefully you always have the abundance of happiness, health and prosperity, today I would like to share about the topic "why people cheat? At the first reason why people intend to cheat because they don't recognize their essential of living, the second reason why  people cheat because they get frustrated how to earn more money, so their excuses are leading themselves to possess poor habit, in my opinion; we don't need to cheat if we want to get something we never have because everything is this world can be exchanged with our skills, idea and masterpiece, remember; before we want something from this world, we must know what we can offer and what we are capable of, life system is very complicated, uncertainty and full of risk, we should beware about what we offer to others, if we offer something bad to others, life will return something bad as equal with what we offer to others, we can't escape from the consequence, every great thing needs preparation and good habit, only frustrated people do cheat,  do they think can escape from the consequence?, No, because God will stand against the cheating process, what I believe is when we start to cheat others, the future will cheat about what we do, we will never obtain wealth, instead we get the high risk consequence from cheating behavior we have done in the past, remember this; if there is cheating in transaction, there is no dealing process in transaction, we must listen our heart first before we commit to do, don't do something with shallow mind.

     If our mind can't harmonize with our heart, we shouldn't continue the process because we will get more terrible result, we must know about the cause and effect's law if we want to get good result at what we do, don't let what we do can create disaster to  others, if what we do can create a harmony to our mind and our heart, we should continue it because it is gift from Almighty God, whereas, the cheating process is part of the evil desire, we must stop the process if we want to feel peace, it is impossible for us can gain more wealth if we keep cheating because it is against with God's command, our heart is the place where it will accommodate God's wisdom, cheating is horrible way to do because this habit indicates someone has never found the happiness in their life journeyhere is the first thing we must do if we want to avoid the cheating process from the cheater; don't look for easiness, convenience and instant result, the reason why we must avoid them because the huge benefit comes after we meet difficulty, the more we expect the easiest thing to get, the more we get a huge disappointment from it, please don't do that, here is the second thing we must do if we want to avoid the cheating process from the cheater; don't believe with someone who can guarantee your happiness by offering you more benefit after doing business because there is no man can guarantee about success in the future, I think my explanation is enough, hopefully this article can give you an idea how to improve your life, good luck.   


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