Why People hate me ?

     At this moment we will talk about dissatisfaction which is making someone feel being hatred by someone else or being hatred by group of people, as we know when somebody has feeling of hatred because he is feeling being rejected by some people who have higher standard in their life, the point why people hate us because of this simple statement, the more difference has appeared the less confident somebody has, when this situation happens to everyone, so he will search something in order to make them being confident person and being trustworthy in every moment.
      As we know Everyone has different standard, he will do everything better in order to make group of people to accept his existence in society, the more trust he gets the more confident he earns, he will not let himself to be desperate person, as return he will detach his standard when there’s powerful people is helping him to get higher standard from previous one. When group of people know how to recognize their respective standard area, they will expand their standard to socialize their standard to another society

Diagram of standard of human life in society

     The main reason why someone often being hatred by group people in society because he can’t accustom himself with the society’s standard, If he can’t detach his standard to follow the society's standard which is being provided by group of people. The society will abandon him and start labeling him as retard person, So as per individual person whether is willing or not to change his standard, he has to force himself to raise his standard first in order to get a new standard from the society.