Why so serious in turning a dream into reality?

              In this topic we would like to describe the opinion about a dream, dream is like something unclear but will effect to your vision in reality. I know that every dream is like someone is swimming in the sea but he had no idea where destination he should go, that‘s feeling indicates the dream actually is giving us the image and it tries to evoke our emotional feeling to embody a dream into purpose.

              When you realize that setting goal is started from turning a dream into reality, in fact many people do not believe in what kind of dream will be imagined and their dream is just dreaming, so if we want to make better life, we should take serious in making new standard, I know it’s not easy to interpret the dream becomes reality, so we need to standardize what kind of dream will be evolved into reality, if people just work to earn the money, they would not find how to rule the money. To rule the money we have to sincerely add the value first and give it to somebody else although we haven’t got money at the first time.

              Turning a dream into reality is part of love feeling and if you are taking serious to decide the decision, your dream will give you the extra power and it makes you visible during riding your dream, and there’s another option when your dream can’t appear namely meditation, it will help you awake your subconscious mind and turn it into the reality.

               In addition we need to make some principled approach to a dream first because the dream is living in the invisible nature, we can’t make it right without doing the exact planning, some of people who are not serious or not being loyal in their dream, their dream will betray to dreamer because the failure of dream usually came from the dreamer's uncertain feeling             

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