What the principle of money in this life?

Today I would like to talk about the principle of money, first thing I suggest you is don’t ask money to give you value, but ask yourself to create your eternal value by building your own legacy such knowledge and integrity, the principle of money is exchanging something with human’s eternal value, this is not easy to create the eternal value because there’s another enemy to prevent us to build our eternal value namely ourselves who lives within our soul.
                           our enemy lies within our soul

If you are doing something what you love but it hasn’t improved everything to be better and it always makes you lost the valuable thing in your life. That is our enemy’s principle, every time our enemy will offer the doubt feeling which it can creep in your heads and also it makes you lost your valuable thing, all you need to do is preventing the enemy’s action by building your value and make it as eternal value such improve your knowledge in everyday situation, maintain your emotional feeling in everyday situation.

The eternal value can’t be bought by the money or property; the eternal value can create something useful by itself and sometimes the eternal value can add value to the people around you once they want to listen you, the poor people usually change their times by making money and the rich people usually change their time by making the eternal value, so the rich people are creating the eternal value for himself, not behalf for money or not behalf for fame.

Practicing in every day doesn’t always bring huge profit but if you want to get an endless profit, you must consider practicing is the only activity which is making you happier, and then the endless profit will take the valuable thing from your practicing result. Don’t just wait someone else to help you or wait someone else to fix your life, because waiting is just wasting our time in addition every human has own responsibility until they will die.

Why adult person feel confident in making loss?

Today I would like to talk about the feel confident, many people consider feeling confident is the first step to walk forward into passion, but not at all people want to take much loss, they are many factors in society’s habit why making loss is arousing the people mindset.

The reason why people feel confident is they had successful story in the pastime, they had experienced to solve the ghastly problem, they have many references to give them solution, and they have enough extra money to allocate the loss effect.

You must remember The greedy characteristic is just giving people the dangle dream in their conscious mind , so their imagination just dawdle along with the huge profits,  that big problem which often happens to many people who are not having enough resources to control them.

Sometimes we can’t avoid in making loss but before we make loss, at least we have free time to practice from the trusted references and learn how to prevent huge loss especially we are starting in business; the first rule of business is “don’t lose your private money in starting the business” the only thing you should do during starting the business is losing your time and losing your energy only.

Working at company is part of business, you don’t need to pay a fine or make the down payment to the organization or the marketer, you just need to lose your time or lose your energy only, so be careful when you are starting own business at the first time because everyone has talent to become the marketer and the marketer usually uses his most valuable skill to attract people such as persuasion.

We can’t be confident person when we lose the knowledge because it is the true gift from Almighty God, sometimes sum of money just makes us trapped in the space where we don’t know exactly where we are. The meaning of loss is you are become world slavery, then you don’t know exactly about who you are and what you are doing in this world, don’t let money makes you to be slavery, but change the principle of money to idolize your principles of life, the principle of money is exchanging something with your eternal value, the money is just making you lost your eternal value such as integrity, determination, intellectual, wisdom and freedom. 

Why people are not afraid to take huge risk?

 In this topic I would like talk about why people is insisting to take the huge risk, some people think that everything will take a risk, whether it size small or large, and also some people consider take a risk is indicating the bravery person, these are part of tireless work, but for my opinion they lost something meaningful namely self-analysis.

When you engage self-analysis, you can control your mind, your body and your heart, I believe everyone doesn’t want to take the huge risk because the huge risk will lose everything he had had in the past, before taking the huge risk; I would suggest they need to separate between passionate and greedy.

All we need to possess is not bravery but having the determination and strong reason why you have to take the huge risk, possess the knowledge is not enough to prevent the risk, but it needs emotional intelligent, possess the knowledge makes you though how to master the greedy characteristic, but having the emotional intelligent make you endured to what you have done and also it will prevent you from making the huge loss.

Starting from now, don’t bother to take the huge risk first; you need to set your mindset and practice your emotional intelligent, if you want to sacrifice something to face the huge risk, at least you just spend your time only, do not even try to sacrifice for  money, property, mutual fund or anything valuable.

Now we will analyze why people keep taking the huge risk although they already know they must choose the huge risk, the main problem is they lack of preparation is not enough such as the self-analysis, learning from the mentor, lack of human resources (discipline, patient, and carefulness).

The greedy characteristic is just giving people the dangle dream in their conscious mind , so their imagination just dawdle along with the huge profits, please look at the Foreign exchange trading, how many people are getting lost and feel trapped in the business system, it says “high risk high gain”.

Why having determination is more important than cleverness?

Today in this topic I would like to talk about the benefit of determination rather than cleverness, please look at the stone’s philosophy “as long as there is no movement from outside force, the stone will remain stay” so the lesson we can take from the stone is don’t just wait someone to help you even try to fix your life, you are just wasting your time.

When we want to change our life pattern, sometimes we need to dismantle it and rebuild with new foundation, forget the pastime, forgive your mistake in the past and pave a new life path with the liveliness and take determination to achieve the excellence things.

There is nothing to say about being late to change yourself, once you want to change your life, every day always opportunity to make change, the first step you must do to change your life is taking as much as responsibility and engage the determination to set the short period plan such doing homework, make science work, etc.
              wisdom can see the whole world but cleverness can't

Now we look at the cleverness, when you have cleverness in your mindset, you just train your focus to make accurate, precisely at the one target only and you can’t have a freedom and wisdom in your life, cleverness make you stopped to be creative person, even though clever is important in your life and bring impact to your lifestyle, cleverness make you stay in one field area.

When you have enough strong reason and have enough determination, you can focus by doing what you love and spend your time to practice your craft, in the final result determination is making you to be different person and you will embody the great success what other people won’t do in their rest of life. Having strongest determination is making you consistent and endures to what you love to do and you are being unstoppable type of person.

Why I must look at my face in the water surface?

Today I would like to talk about the reason why I must look at my face in the water surface; there are many reasons I would like to mention why I choose this topic, the first thing you should realize is water is neutral substance which can shows new reaction when it is touched by another object’s reaction.

The reason I suggest you to look at the water surface because you will learn something different and taste new reaction within yourself, normally when you look at the mirror, you will see the reversed reflection from right to left or left to right, but when you try to look at the water surface, you will learn new education system.

When you deep observing the water surface, you will see the black shadow around you by looking at glance into water surface. That mean you can’t escape from the darkness, it gives reflection to your darkness, no matter how much you do the good deeds in your daily activity, the darkness always sees you around.

By looking at the water characteristic, you can learn how water can fill in into a shape of the container, once water is being put into the container within, it always accustom itself to container’s shape, it’s showing that water is having righteous and humble, once water has weighted the container’s contents when it has put into the container within, it’s showing that water is bringing the wealth, once stream of water is directing to the same destination, it’s showing that the water has the higher purpose, big dream, when water is filling in the creature ‘s internal organ, it’s showing that the water is giving liveliness.

Water is the true mirror, besides it is living through human body, it also teaching human being how to behave the sage mode, unlike the glass of mirror which is not giving much the reaction once humans are looking at it, it just reflect to human’s body only.

What the meaning of concentrated in science?

Today I would like to talk about the meaning of concentrated in science; there is compound substance by chemical reaction is having of two or more element in fixed amount and those elements are forming the new substances in order to become stronger, when it already stronger, it will be separated from the water or other recessive element has been removed.

By combining one or more element and make it to be united, this is bringing new formula and it is going to create the dominant character and it will dissipate the other substance which is no longer stronger because the dominant character succeeds to regenerate and evolve.

Concentrated in chemical substance into the universe is having the same characteristic and having same working process with the human’s regeneration, the aim of concentration is trying to create new regeneration and becoming the strongest among all the element substance, please look at the example such as the child brain and the adult brain, those concentration in human bodies within are experiencing the regeneration process to create new chemical substance reaction and they are making competition against the recessive reaction, the main reason; those dominant reaction are trying become strongest and destroying the recessive reaction, finally dissipating the residue reaction through human anus, urine or sweat.

One thing I would like to share, the concentration process is happened in human characteristic as well, and one substance reaction will shows new better reaction when human shows positive attitude such as sincerity, focus, wise, the relentless effort, perseverance, discipline, obedience and decisiveness.

In addition every strongest chemical reaction will create the positive chemical substance reaction once the human being shows the positive attitude in the daily ritual because the only one reason those concentration will change  its component element, it becomes strong, it the consequently influences the human being to possess the invincible feeling in his mentality.

What does it mean to have a high concentration?

Today I would like to talk about high concentration; this word usually has been found when students learnt the chemistry subject at their school, but now I will explain from the different point of view, high concentration means human’s ability which has experienced to meet the insurmountable problem but his relentless effort is making him endured to keep focus on particular object.

To keep concentration to be high, it needs balancing between self-discipline and the powerful vision, and sometimes the concentration can change in lowest mode when there’s no commitment, and furthermore less concentrate will make someone has no hope and no future, as if all their power become numb.

I would like to inform about the benefit of having a high concentration, the first benefit of having high concentration is your mindset is invincible and it can help you to detect as many as the detailed information you need, the second benefit of having high concentration is you can resolve the problem faster than anyone does, the third benefit of having high concentration is you will not lose the meaningful words which is has been outspoken by the informant.

Now we talk about how to train yourself to possess the high concentration, the first step you should do is you must become the obedient person, who follows the basic rule, the second step you should do is you have commit with the target, the third step you should do is you involve yourself to the daily ritual which it had been created by yourself and also not forget to determine how far you progress every target.

There is no instant result to possess a high concentration because it is having special power to alter you connecting to other people’s mindset within, so it needs practicing your craft in all the time being; then test your concentration’s power by observing the new shape of object which is unable to be seen by lackadaisical person.

What cause the human can’t concentrate to achieve the target?

Today In this topic I would like to talk about what cause the human can’t concentrate to achieve target, at the first point I would like to remind you, the power of concentration can work precisely when there’s ability to think about the attractive image or sound and they will push your focus power to achieve something at the present time, so the concentration can’t work when it reflected in the moment which was happening in yesterday or tomorrow.

                                         it's Dangled in another time

We can’t just let our mind was dangled in the past time because the potential energy can be applied successfully when our conscious mind gives the command to do something at the present time,  time has an authority to give the extra power to human being when he is entering in the concentration mode.

I will give you the detailed information and describe how the concentration really works; now imagine that you are just aiming Frisbee to your friend, when Frisbee flew over, its power can’t reach to your friend position, then you keep trying to fly Frisbee over sky until your concentration power is growing up and reaching to your target.

Basically the human concentration’s function is working based on the result of repetitious habit; the power of habit is just enlarging your inner power volume, your main job is following your intuition which it says” this is your moment what you can do”, the intuition is working at maximum rate and showing the nod approval once the human’s conscious mind already detects the main character of human liking.

There are several methods to increase the concentration, the first step is defusing the past time’s difficult situation by changing your focus and imagining the new image which it can inspire you and drive you to the solution image, the second step is keep focusing to the attractive object and observing it to every details point until you have nowhere else to go for temporary time period.

Why we can’t choose the time being to serve our readiness?

Now I would like to talk about the readiness first, everybody would love to see the change in every life moment, the readiness is seemingly bring hopefulness when every human takes action, but we must remember that time always calculate every action, no matter how hard working the type of person you are, whether you are successful or unsuccessful, whether you are happy or unhappy, the time will restrict your life.

Life is just the tool which is giving you the option to decide what destiny you want to go, once you decide to choose your destiny through your passion and focus, you will enter to the process phase, in this phase mode, you will be forced to wait, time will give the signal whether you will fail or success through your readiness.

In the time basic rule, you must take a note the characteristic of time being; there’s no recklessness, there’s no slow motion or there’s no fast motion, there’s no repetition, there’s no delay because time is just running the process in balance speed, when you can’t achieve the target, time doesn’t ask you to regret or stop moving, all you have to do is maximizing the effort and improving the method in order to fit between process calculation and result calculation.

The Best action to achieve your dream is maximizing your effort by setting your own time target to the specific point as if you had been impelled by big project, we can call it as the artificial emergency project, there is the good news; time will not demand your failed result, time is just requesting your best effort to achieve the target and ask you to keep going through at though time.

When you have determination to set a plan, your subconscious mind will whisper you how to achieve the goal, and it will give you the prerequisite plan in your mindset, for example; your target is buying the mansion, your mindset will give you prerequisite time through your echo of mind (the calculation; 5 year 11 month 5 date, 24 hours 5 minutes 340 second), when you set target by yourself, you will become self-motivated person because your future promise will dangle your dream and make you commit to embody it. The conclusion; we can’t choose the right time whether we are ready or not to get success because the only time has authority to give you expressed the readiness

What the definition of being human?

Today I would define about the definition of being human, that is the general question which was discovered by the former scientist’s discussion and the definition of human often has been taught to every children when they were at school and they were being educated by teacher to learn about biology subject, but this topic I would like explain from another point of view.

Human being is the greatest and best creation from almighty God. He is unique creation, he is entitled to having freedom and rule the world by his self-creation, human is being created from the clay, every clay is shaped from the universe’s best resources, as in return, Almighty God asked Human being to be sent on earth in order to nurture the all universe resources on earth such as sea, tree, mountain, forest, soil, river, animal, Etc.

Human is the supreme leader among all of leaders in this universe, he can create something from what he feels and what he thinks about the object, the human being only who is entitled to have freewill (own decision without being controlled by Almighty God, unlike the other creatures who have not freewill including the angle and his troops.

The human is entitled to choose what kind of destination he decides, whether one person is happy or unhappy, maybe one person is successful or unsuccessful it is determined 100% by personal matter, not someone else.  Every human is granted with the special gift; time, destiny maker, unlimited wealth, intuition, habit, freedom, logic, passion, creative, dream, love, power and belief.

Every human can’t escape from this responsibility since human had pledged to Almighty God long time ago in the spirit realm before he was sent to go down and rule the world. Unfortunately based on the fact, human being was fulfilling the ego and forgets about the pledge which human made with almighty God, one day after humans being are death, all humans being will be resurrected at judgment day and all human being will be asked by God about their responsibility.