How are the conscious mind and the unconscious mind working?

In this topic I would like to talk about the conscious mind and unconscious mind’s working, at the first I would remind you before you learn about the conscious mind and unconscious mind, you need to standardize what is your destiny and what’s your value is? When you already keep the answer from that question, you will know how your mind is working.

The more question you create the better information will answer your curiosity, then I would like to elucidate how to recognize the conscious mind and unconscious mind, please imagine there’s blue ocean on earth, and there is a fish, the conscious mind will represent a fish and the subconscious mind will represent the blue ocean, every single drop of water will make fish alive although a fish is caught and put it to the coast, that fish still alive but not evolve, but if fish is going to be returned in the ocean, the fish is alive and also it can evolve to become bigger fish.

The conscious mind’s function is supplying the resources in order to make human survive on this earth, but not making human to evolve with all potential, so the water is ubiquitous existent, if human being wants to know what is his purpose of life, he must start to learn knowledge with his curiosity, like the children, they are drawing figure in their drawing book in order to gain knowledge.

I will give you another example to elucidate the importance about the knowledge, the knowledge is started from the imagination and the intuition, the imagination is activated by human’s decision, by collecting the knowledge, it can draw as much as potential energy to connect conscious mind and subconscious mind, and the knowledge is true gift from God, God gives you a hoe to draw up the land in order to collect a resources such as gold, at the first time you remove the land, you know nothing about what you are starting at the first time, that example will create the main purpose of life, evolution can keep you digging with knowledge.

You don’t need to know when you will meet with gold, you just need to evolve yourself to do better, you use your belief system and you uses your certainty to remove the land in order to get gold, gold is the basic of knowledge and also that’s true gift from God, Let God graces your conscious mind with power of belief, power of knowledge, power of certainty.