How can my idea will become influence

                 In the industrial company or manufacturing company, the idea is usually betoken when the problem will appear, and every labor will do something in order to deal with his superior’s ideas. And furthermore the superior will excuse anyone’s idea which shape a new resourcefulness, this phase will give clue to everyone who has own idea, in few years ago there was philosopher and he claimed “the biggest value in this world was an idea, is not lying the sum of money in your account”. From that quote we can expand any idea from anyone else and make it as reference, but don’t easily take an idea before you ensure you can make it right because an idea can lead everyone to the right or lead everyone to the wrong place, it returns from what is capability everyone can manage.

                Maybe in your innermost feeling will speak “if everyone’s idea is making a new resourcefulness, but why idea can make everyone’s thinking bigger?”, to answer that question, we must separate between the resourcefulness and thinking big, first thing we should comprehend “the resourcefulness is part of human’s creative idea which is evolving to another place and also it will bring big impact or give the influence to someone else either in positive side or negative side” .in the other hand, the meaning of thinking big is someone who has passionate and he wants to realize his ambition to the new place which has never been known before.

               How to make influence to group of people, at the first step you should have much resourcefulness to influence other people because the more resourceful you have the more people will intend to follow that resourcefulness. Digging as much as your potential and carry as much as useful information to the people, so you will be memorized in their life being

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