How can you change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset?

In this topic I would like to talk about how to change a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, this is common question is coming from someone who is trying to change his life and change his habit, sometimes when someone needs to change his life pattern, he must change the basic fundamental system such improve the belief system and improve mindset.

There are several methods to engage new system in this life, it started to learn the universe with unlimited number of energy, planet, the unknown particle, stars, Etc., the first lesson you can learn from the universe is unstoppable, keep moving and unlimited resourceful. The second lesson you can learn from the universe is following the habitual system from it, for your information, the universes are not easily feeling satisfied or feeling Proud even though they are greater than other creatures, that’s growth mindset from Universe, this is special note I would like to remind you, when human being wants to fix his mindset, at least he is not allowed being satisfied person or stop being self -righteous person.

There’s short story to add some portion about the growth mindset, At beginning in this world the almighty God had entrusted the unlimited wealth into the human’s subconscious mind before the human was created long time ago, Now if the Human wants to dig up the unlimited potential from it, he must create the channel to connect between the growth mindset and human’s subconscious mind.

People who have fixed minded, they usually don’t want to embrace any challenge, give up easily once there’s problem is coming ahead, feel threatened by someone else success’s story, wish to earn the fixed one month salary, feel uncomfortable when they start to begin new thing, they rejected any form of criticism from the others.