How do I clear my mind from the bad thought?

In this topic I would like to talk about the bad thought first because the bad thought is the major enemies which it can influence your mind to think about the echo, instead of your voice, the bad thought usually receive the resource of energy from your uncertainty feeling, so the bad thought has belief system you need to break in, the first thing you should do to clear your mind from the bad thought is you take the responsibility to determine the excellence thing, the more you insist yourself to take as much as responsibility to your life being, the more you have good principle which drives you to the bright.

Having much responsibility to your life matters mean you recognize where your life shall go, you know so much about your life’s mission in this life rather than somebody else you loved, there is another thing you should remember is there’s no instant method to clear one’s mind from the bad thought, how far you run from the bad thought, you can’t escape from it because the bad thought is created by life substance’s circumstance.

Love your passion and imagine what you truly want to become and imagine that person is awaiting you in the future with full of promise, and that promise will give you the inspiration, by using inspiration’s influence, it will give you the unlimited power to keep going plus learning a new challenge from this life and the inspiration makes you forget about what mistake did you make in the past, and the bad thought is usually taken from the past memory, instead of tomorrow. So today you have to start your life with new path, that’s makes you become a new person in everyday, please create something you admire and think outside the box.