How do I know there is benefit of failure in career?

In this topic I would like to talk about the failure, maybe you almost get failure when you want to improve your career’s system, every failure will get you smarter when you intend to widen your gaze and also change your opinion about the failure, No success will come if there’s no guru, and guru is not the ultimate failure, but it part of the lesson in life.

The failure can be changed into the new knowledge when you let your mind to be curiosity, don’t let your mind to be dangled above ground without any certain direction, that is very critical, when you feel upset about the failure, your sound will vibrate and intentionally give a command to your subconscious mind to think the same as you did, be careful by utilizing your utmost voice power, when you misplace your utmost voice to the wrong direction, you will hear an echo, it’s something can discontinue your intuition or instincts.

Don’t worry about making the failure, the more failure you learn, the  more benefit will get you smarter to the specific area, in the principal of life; every single failure has different meaning with commit sin, the failure will not invite the darkness power, otherwise commit sin can invite the darkness power in this life.

There’s another thing will make you comprehend about the benefits of failure, first step you should know is the failure will help you to maintain your career even though you dislike about its existence, second step you should know is the failure will help you to upgrade your knowledge and it will bring good influence to somebody else you teach. Every single day you must be a new person by making mistake as many as you can create. Once you can calculate the cost of your failure, one day your cost of failure will cash you back in multiplied benefits.