How do I know when my success will come to me

           In this section I would like to explain about the success, maybe in everyday situation your heartbeat will give you trigger and make a question for you such as “what will I do to get success”, at that time you will feel haunted with such question and that question will create you being the confident person, before you know how to be confident person, you must know where does a success come from, when you have identified the resource of that question, you directly go to make a plan about the way to get there, so setting plan at the first time is not the bad idea, because setting a goal will make you clear about what you really want.

          You must remember that to get what you really want doesn’t make a sense when you don’t have specific strategy because the greatest success can’t be achieved by working until overtime, but it only can be done by doing the greatest failure in your consistent effort in everyday situation whether you like to accept it or not.  

          No one knows when the success where it goes and where it comes from, our duty is making some attractions with knowledge in order to measure how far your effort goes efficiency, and also we just need to exert our emotional feeling and believe with our journey from time to time, then you can prolong your patient in order to know whether you want to upgrade your satisfaction or not, once you upgrade your satisfaction, you will decrease your consistency. So I hope you don’t let it happen because you will not find yourself to the next opportunity

         There is one more thing I would like to remind you is the value has no price and price has not value, what I mean is you should not work for money and don’t consider it as your primary goal, but you can make money to work for you until you don’t need to introduce yourself to money because the real currency is upgrading your knowledge.
and how to know when your success is coming, its depending how big the capacity of failure you create it, let the time comes to answer your success whether in the good time or at the best place

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