How Do I stop the chatter in my head?

In this topic I would like to talk about the chatter which is coming to my head, my opinion is this is symptom of lack of controlling the emotional state from human’s resource, this problem usually comes from the feeling of regret because someone fail in achieving the goal or someone is losing a hope, the symptom of chatter in someone’s head is always happening in every single time.
As human being, there’s no need to worry about the chatter where it is coming into someone’s head, the chatter neither curse nor menace, if it’s happening to your life, you just need to train your sensible and change your focus point, when you feel there is unknown voice in your head, you change it becomes an echo, the chatter is calculated from the result of large number of articulated sound, and that is part of resourcefulness, the problem is not coming from the sound but the main problem is coming from the human’s lack of resource to control the resourcefulness in his mindset.

If you don’t want the chatter appears in your head, its same way you blame the mistake to God, you should realize earlier because without the intuition’s existence, human being can’t make any creativity or talent for his dignity, besides that the articulated sound itself is part of guidance, no matter how many resources in your surroundings area but if you don’t know how to utilize the resourcefulness, indeed you are part of machine which is made by human being.

The only thing you can do to utilize the chatter in your head is accustoming yourself with positive mind and keep calm in any circumstance, this is not the first time for you to learn about the positive mind but you need to restart your mistaken and consider it as the cost of learning, you may need additional information from my life experience, you may choose which chatter will accompany your life; the more loud of voice in your mind, the less voice in your soul, or the more voice in your soul but the less voice in your mind.