How do I stop overthinking?

In this topic I would like to talk about the overthinking, I know that thinking is part of human’s brain activity, but if someone is overthinking about something ahead or someone is trying to remind something in the past over and over again, this is kind of absurdity mindset which is pouring the creative to the wrong place, maybe you don’t agree with the statement I make, but that’s reality, sometimes too much doing something will bring the insufficient benefit in your mindset such as you are suffered headache, dizzy, stress, Etc. so you need to balance between your mind control and your body control.

We need to make a nice strategy to manipulate the great thing in our mindset, but now we need to keep balancing to reduce variability and increase the efficiency to achieve the excellence thing in this life, that’s important thing to be remembered all the time.

We can take an example for this topic, such as the wood cutting machine, robotic program, Etc. the machine needs the program to be set into the panel, such as setting the value input, the capability process and value output. Sometimes there’s something need to be reduced although there’s part of the important thing.
The machine and the human brain are having the same function to achieve the target or making the solution, let’s make for comparison, the machine has the limited resource, the machine’s resource is taken from the uncountable resource such electrical energy and also it needs the programmer to control the setting, on the other hand the human being has unlimited resource and the human brain doesn’t need the programmer except human itself.

To stop overthinking, you need to take exercise, eating, drinking, relaxing, listening, watching, communication, Etc. all are the human’s ultimate resources, the overthinking is like you are wasting your internet quota by turning on the modem but you don’t use it for your purpose.