How do you stop thinking about someone?

In this topic I would like to talk about how stop thinking about someone, maybe he or she has made your down ruined or make you feel heartbreaking, this is normal condition which is happening in this life, I would say that you waste your limited time to think about someone who doesn’t think about you, and that’s behavior reflects that you haven’t recognized your purpose in this life.

I would like to widen your mindset about what’s the meaning of this life, this life is teaching that every human being must take responsibility to what they done in this life, whether you like or dislike with something good, whether you are successful or unsuccessful to achieve the target, whether you are rich or poor to earn the money, it doesn’t fill up your life.

Take the responsibility means every life of beauty, every life of space, every life of time, every life of the universe, every life of love, every life of human’s social life, every human touches, Etc. for those example I give to you means you must learn something from them with your sensible idea, that’s the ultimate gift from God to you, this life is not teaching how do you live on somebody else’s history, but what kind of learning do you take from somebody else’s history.

When we realize someone whom God entrust her for you, means you give her a best lesson about your life to her life, building the relationship is started from giving something the best thing you possess, not pursuing them because one’s who is responsible for life is personal experience. The more you give something benefits to somebody else the more reward you will receive from the resourcefulness, the resourcefulness means something unexpected gift from the grace of God. Every good decision you make, it reflects from your inner peace which lies within you.