How do you stop yourself about thinking something?

In this topic I would like to talk about how to stop thinking about something, this is normal question is supposed to the type of person who failed in achieving target; so he eagers so much to stop thinking, as you know that thinking activity is part of the human resource and also the biggest legacy in this world, so we can’t stop thinking because that’s human’s ultimate resource, all you need to do to stop thinking is reducing the thinking quota’s activity by doing something else more attractive such as spending your leisure time by doing hobbies.

In the modern age, human being averagely is making revolution in every year by doing same thing namely targeting more money as the main purpose; the main reason which makes human being can’t stop thinking about problem is because they think the same problem, over and over again.
As the former famous physicist says “insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, expecting different result” sometimes we need to be mocked as insanity, so that’s life’s lesson we need to accept and then we need to do different thing such as inviting someone else to be your partnership and ask your partner to sit together with you and starting set more specific goal in order to help you to achieve the different result.

I would like to remind you that the same problem will lead you to the same position as you are standing now, so when you want to get bigger problem, you need to challenge yourself to study more and more in order to get the excellent thing, by doing new ritual, I am sure you will find different chance and you will forget about the same problem which has made you an insanity person. The only thing we should take note is let the time will wash away your wrongdoing in the past and welcome a new problem, so it will drive you to the different chance and you can learn from it.