How does anxiety feel?

In this topic I would like to introduce how does anxiety feel? This question solely put me to the corner where there are a lot of people also were trapped in the corner, anxiety is state of feeling worry, or feeling afraid of something unexpected, in another meaning, someone is too concerned to something bad is going to happen, I would like to remind you that anxiety just crashes your creativity and your power of sincerity, the purpose of anxiety is trapping your soul to the unknown time whether there’s no hope in that place and also you will meet the desperation in that place.

Can you imagine how someone feels anxiety with lasting memorial in the past? the first reason someone feels anxiety is someone doesn’t have any experience to solve every problem he has faced, the second reason is someone has experienced too much with the bad memorial in the past time and he doesn’t try to step out from that life frame. So that’s the consequent for someone who chooses feeling anxiety.

You must remember that every human being has the limited time to touch every life substance in resources on earth and life is not pursuing how you get happy or not happy, and also life is not teaching you how to be successful or unsuccessful to live in your life frame, life is just asking you to learn something with your sensible idea whether there’s good thing or there’s bad thing, in the end of result, you have to make your own decision then you can teach yourself how to survive before you die, unfortunately in the human social life, most of them would like to choose the limited time to feel inessential thing rather than thinking about the purpose of life, that’s reason most people are failed before die.

Before you feel the inessential thing such anxiety to something bad, you have to make strong reason first to ensure you are so certain before you waste your potential energy and don’t keep silent when you lost your way, like old adage says “whether there is a will there is a way”