How does your conscious mind work?

In this topic I would like to talk about how does your conscious mind work? Your mind work will work when you have the determination to achieve the excellence thing in this life, you may don’t consider it as good principle, but if you don’t set a goal in your entire life, your conscious mind is like piece of paper, it just writing down the imagination and you are going to be trapped into a paper’s handwriting.

Your conscious mind is your ultimate power and it can create critical power to awake the giant superpower within your subconscious mind, the principle of the conscious mind is working when there’s attractive object is approaching and it gives the inverted image to your retina lens and it will be interpreted by your conscious mind, so the major reason is coming from the vision and the image.

There’s another problem may can’t be detected; why people still can’t recognize their selves and they can’t decide whether need to go inside or outside in his life, there’s missing principle should work into the human’s conscious mind namely communicating with your subconscious mind.

The most efficiency work from the human’s conscious mind is when all life substance elements in the conscious mind has been activated and all are gathered to make one simply purpose, namely human’s destiny, that‘s should be working in conscious mind, without destiny, human is no longer valid in this universe.
The important things in life are not living in human’s belief; the important thing in life is making human alive with all resourcefulness. Without its existence, the human is living such an animal or plant, but the human’s greatest superpower supply lies into the subconscious mind. Beside that the conscious mind can be evolved when the human being already touched the resourcefulness in emotional state such sincerity, decisiveness, perseverance, love, humble, honesty, creativity and passion.