How not to be negative?

In this topic I would like to talk about how not to be negative, I think this is normal condition which is happening to our society, when we live in the society there is sudden negative feeling which is coming from the social life’s difference, sometimes this problem is inevitable thing because everyone has own ideology and has personal prestige.

 Mostly the negative feeling comes from feeling of uncertainty, once human feels uncertainty during making decision, he will meet tons of uncertainty feeling in himself because negative uses its power to multiply the number of itself when human chooses the negative side to be main character, I must alert you that the negativity often influence you to make you lost your dignity, your worthy, your heritage, your legacy and your prestige.

In fact the negative energy is neutral, it will be activated automatically when you fail to manage the positive energy within yourself, the consequent is the more negative energy you will receive and the more you create yourself as imprudent, so this is choice we must keep in our mind.

Back to the question above, how not to be negative one, the first thing we should remember is we must keep going to be better person who lives in the future and we must insist our conscious mind’s system to find new question to be implanted to our subconscious mind, do and practice it every day as if you were joining the Olympiad, the second thing we should remember is finding the group of people who possess the positive mindset, the third thing we should remember is make tight schedule which is containing about the repeating order, the order impels the subconscious mind to obey the repeating order which is taken from the tight schedule you made in the past, so study, study and study, don’t let your mind is tangled and touch the negative’s power.