How to break your limitation

         In this topic I would like to share about how to break the limitation, we all know that everyone has limitation to their mind, so when the problem comes to him, he directly refuses to accept the problem because of his limitation, before limitation comes to him, he should try to use the power of imagination to break the limitation, we can start to ask the question to ourselves such as “why I should accept the limitation”, please remember this note that the meaning of limitation often comes from people who have narrow minded and have fixed opinion about their life being.
          The limitation becomes solid when someone trusts to what he can do to the one purpose namely paying the bill/social service or working for money, so that limitation will haunt people’s shadow in everyday situation, he still can’t break his chain of limitation until he succeeds to challenge himself to unlock his new skill from the hidden potential energy, once he gets bigger problem from his life, he definitely avoids it because his mind lies inside to the locked situation.

         The limitation should not being afraid, the limitation needs to be learned from the different stage, like as athlete in running championship, when he gets 1 post, or his friend gets 2 post, what makes someone can achieve his position ?     The answer: he has succeeded to break the limited mind and also conquering his fear, so his mentality is growing up and help him to change his opinion about his tactic movement.

        Basically there’s simple method how to break the limitation, the first step is depending to what makes someone’s opinion talking about his life, the second step is what kind of language tone will be used during talking to his purpose, for example: do you like being robotic machine in your big purpose? or what is your talent do you want to expand? . If you feel the limitation still abides within your mind, you must pretend to be curiosity person who has no idea about yourself in the near future, and furthermore there’s no one else in this world can make you believe what you meant to be except your limitation talks.

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