How to change an impotent target becomes possible one

In this page I would like to share about how to know the meaning of impotent target and also help people to recognize what the clear target must go on or when the target must be changed into another field because not everyone can achieve his target to the reality. If we talk about to the reality that most people’s mindset are asking “what is my primary goal, if I fail to achieve it, what risk I will get from it, then they ask again, can I change it to the reality”, regarding those questions, you don’t need to worry about question because it represents the human nature, when that question is developed to become a curiosity, it will create the creativity, for your information the curiosity is part of knowledge and the knowledge is part of life’s channel which can channel between the creativity and the impotent target.

Now the next question is how I can know my creativity will run with my impotent target? First thing you should do is find piece of paper and you write down any obstacles that you are not able to overcome it, second thing is you can ask yourself “what hobby do you like the most and what is your weakness do you dislike the most” .when you succeed to describe them, you can wide your vision by finding some references from books or any other medias, then starting to compel your developed vision to the fixed planning.

Once the fixed planning has been made, you can write down the fixed planning to the monitoring board, practicing it, monitoring every your single step till you can make your target becoming possible. I am sure when you do it regularly and make it as your daily ritual, your willpower will grow unstoppable and you can create the miracle and manage the miracle to embody from your invisible target to the reality.

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