How to create the future

                In this section I would like to reveal something important to everyone who wants to get practicable method to understand why the future must be created by doing something now, instead of waiting other resourceful from someone else, there’s something important I would like to introduce to yourself namely passion and self-esteem, both of them will give you a hint and help you finding what standard of living will accompany you.
               When someone asks to himself what passion I should possess, his soul will reply in the louder voice, but unfortunately only you can manage it whether you believe in yourself or not. And I would suggest you don’t play with satisfaction feeling because the satisfaction will not make you grow up but it will make you behave as spoiled child,  

              One thing that I want to show you about the simple way to the future, you try to create 3 kind of the questions for your step, the first step is what passion will lead you to the future?, the second step is why I must do something which is related to my circumstance? And the third step is what emotion will bring me to the future? .By asking those question into yourself, that’s mean you can predict your future with intellectual, instead of fantasy or dream.

             The future is giving you a reflection to what you are doing today, when you realize you’re doing something valuable for more people, they will dictate your movement and they will value you as exemplary leader, but when you just dedicate to one organization or dedicate to the company only, you just have put your passion into someone else’s future, in addition when you realize the more passion you put into someone else’s dream, the less opportunity you can create to your future. So one’s Life is beginning when you just ended your passion in someone else’s dream.

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