How to create miracle for somebody else in this life?

In this topic I would like to talk about the miracle, some people believe that the miracle comes from the faraway and it’s happening in suddenly without any expectation, that’s wrong statement and it is only perception which comes from the narrow minded person, the miracle comes from the unexpected result which is calculated by unstoppable perseverance.

If person is willingly to change someone else’s life, the first step is starting to update his ideology; the second step is guiding him to search as many as the resourcefulness in this universe then guiding him to resurrect his thinking way, the third step is compelling his vision with yours and make a schedule to practicing him in order to extend his vision.
Now what if miracle stops approaching me? this is will not happen  to you unless you stop learning something new, don’t ever bother to ask about when the miracle can come, all you need to do to make the miracle is calculating your mistake and calculating how much price do you spend for making failure.

The miracle always bring a new hope, brighter future and new mindset, there’s no instant result neither instant process, the miracle is like a the length of time in processing from maggot to become the butterfly, No one knows when the exact time will show up, this sound of magic but it’s real.

Sometimes the miracle can make someone becoming a lazy person because he is expecting too much expectation but not having appreciation, before we create miracle to somebody else, we should resurrect our mindset to be supreme mindset first. Nothing can happen unless it keeps moving, that’s miracle’s system, that’s one of my principles of life, I would like to share for you. Please prepare something and prove your belief system.