How to find my lost characteristic?

In this topic I would like to talk about lost characteristic, this is happening when human doesn’t know who he is or what his destiny in this world, at the first moment he lost contact between his soul and his characteristic, this problem pattern seems insurmountable because he lost his life path and the consequently he is unable to learn something new, in addition he can’t differentiate between doing right or wrong because his soul is trapped to the darkness space.

The reason why this type of person had lost his characteristic because there were as so much of ghastly problem which had not been resolved by himself and also he was so proudly being procrastinator who loves to do unimportant things at his leisure time being.

You can analyze a bit “if every human has great value to create something great through his characteristic, why he is still failed to get success? Because he hasn’t found his major characters to activate his great value and also he lacks of resources to upgrade his great value”.

The main resources of human being are wisdom, love, decisiveness, focus, passion, integrity, perseverance, sincerity and creative, all you need to do when you lost your characteristic is stepped out of your current environment, empty your mindset, find the successful people’s talk and be good listener.

Being good listener is the new way how to find your lost characteristic, the reason is speaking is just repeating what you already knew before, but when you listen what someone else saying, you will capture the new information from their way of conversation, then you start to learn word by word from them whether there are some words have a mean to you, by combining your knowledge plus the information from another resources, you can have high self-esteem automatically.

Here is the last method to find your lost characteristic is keep silent, listen your echo of mind, train your silence until your intuition approaches you and it will whisper you about the beneficial agreement; feel the intuition and ask them to follow your intention.