How to fix someone else’s narrow minded?

 In this topic I would like to talk about fixing someone’s mindset, the meaning of mindset based on my version is the human’s mind characteristic which is programmed to contain about several information from the speakers or other medias you have ever met or you have ever known in your life being, especially it will educate you how to learn from it, and sometimes the mindset program is very difficult to change because of your own decision.

There is nothing instant method to fix mindset because mindset is personal development program, it can be ruled or be mended by someone else, before we fix someone else’s mindset, we must know what is your purpose of life, as you know that everyone has different purpose of life, whether human is making the mistake or making the right decision, it depends on his significant willingness.

One thing i would suggest you, before you intend to change someone else’s mindset, you probably should change your mindset first until you can prove where is your mindset worked, because someone else will value based on your proven successful mindset in achieving the excellent things.

The first cause why so many people still have the narrow minded in their mindset is they haven’t recognized their purpose of life plus they are afraid to make a mistake plus avoiding the mistake; the second cause is they want to live in their comfort zone because they easily feel satisfaction the third cause is they don’t want to embrace the challenge, the fourth cause is they are afraid to be criticized from group of people who are most superior out there, the fifth cause is they disable their potential energy by rejecting the knowledge. Hopefully based on fifth causes as I mentioned above, it will help you to fix your mindset as well as somebody else’s mindset.