How to influence the negative energy to dedicate my command?

In this topic I would like to talk about the negative energy, as you know that positive energy and negative energy can’t be separated, all comes from the God’s grace, He made the universe along with its powerful energy, there’s nothing negative energy is created by itself, negative is part of passionate feeling, it’s not belonged to energy, so the meaning of negative energy is the substance of energy which is manipulated with negative’s influence.

The negative will not change anything in this life; it just gives you the image how to avoid the truth, it gives you the image how to feel self-satisfaction, it gives you the image how to feel comfortable to the comfort zone, the negative side will not compromise with positive side because both of them have different principal.
One thing we can learn from negative energy is they have full of passionate to dominate all over the world, when we feel the existence of the negative energy, there are two option; learning from it or running from it, if we run with it, we will not find the positive energy in the most days, if we fix our mindset today, there is any possibility will happen.

The first step how to make the negative energy is willingly to dedicate to our command is changing our speaking way to be better one, for example: I know I will be failing down if I don’t take this opportunity now, (changed to: I would better to taste the failure by doing something now rather than tomorrow because who knows tomorrow I will die or not to pick up the opportunity), the second step is changing our vision; don’t become a person who lives today but try to imagine how to become successful person in the future, and calculate how much price do you need to get you there.