How to know I can’t reach my idealism

              In this topic I would like to elucidate that idealism is part of perfect combination which is separated by the successful mindset and the social level, everybody has an idea which is going to be developed or it will be ruined, creating an idea is part of life process which is used for creating new system which is supposed to bring efficient to every human’s living.

              Idealism is still having a relative meaning to bring an impact into everyone’s social level because idealism is part of imagination which is created to measure how far the effort of human being can achieve to the latest target condition whether they already being successful person or being unsuccessful person in the beautiful stage, basically we can’t take part in and make severity judgment to person who isn’t getting at ideal success area,
               I am sure everyone has a target in life whether he bravely to follow his target’s movement or he is just following to someone else’s idealism, in life structure that idealism can’t be copied perfectly because God has created unique characteristic which is embedded to every human being, so when you feel you can’t achieve your ideal success because you want to become a second wall upon someone else’s success, the criteria how to deal with your idealism is you have to sincere and accept to the reality that you have to become yourself with your own developed life program, and furthermore you will recognize yourself more than someone else knows about you, don’t let anyone knows your weakness more than you, if it’s happening to you, so you can’t create your idealism program and also you can’t run with it,  finally you will become a laughingstock.

              Idealism will not provoke your life as long as you have deepest intention to accept the failure and accept from its consequent, in addition, the good news is when your greatest failure runs faster than your success’s movement, you are not going to complain again about your last result because you already surpassed your idealism stage.

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