How to know my positive energy already active?

 In this topic I would like to reveal the potential energy to you, this is part of human’s natural life because all human body’s movement are reflected from it, when human insists to open the positive’s energy gate, the human has to link his conscious mind with the subconscious mind gate,
When One to another have been synchronized together, it will help human being to make decision whether to control how far human uses the potential energy,  I will remind you that the potential energy can transform either positive or negative. Both of them are dwelling together to human mind’s state. But one thing we should realize earlier that negative comes from the unnecessary thing which is taken from human’s daily activity.

When you want to know what kind of authentic proof is explaining that my positive energy is active, first proof is you already connect with your subconscious mind and then they work together to embody your dream and your potential energy flows as quick as your concentration goes on. The second proof is you can segregate between negative with its energy and you utilize the negative’s energy plus transform it to the positive area and leave the negative side behind.

Making a failure in every day situation in order to be smarter person is part of the positive energy which makes you often misunderstand with it, sometimes being fool person at the first time is part of recharging time to pull a new positive energy from the universe, you can’t activate your willpower when your energy is running low, but maybe some of people think, when someone is making a failure is part of bad habit, are you sure about it? ,if this is happening, this is proof your mind has been paralyzed with negative’s passionate, I don’t think making failure is part of bad habit because making a failure is the greatest opportunity to make the things worked, that is part of regeneration.