How to know my valuable thing really works in this life?

In this topic I would like to talk about the valuable thing which lies in the human’s capacity, every valuable thing will work when there’s command from the human’s conscious mind, I will describe a bit about the human capacity, when human being is created by God, every Human being has been endowed with unlimited resources, but God knows that every human has different capability to evolve, so that’s reason God will grant the passionate feeling to human being to look for the talent, and human’s capacity will learn and absorb every level of information from the resourcefulness in this universe

 To recognize the human’s talent, every human must have willingness to sharpen the valuable thing to create the new resourcefulness such as the story of the lumberjack and his axe, every day the lumberjack has a job to cut down every trees in the forest, when his axe becomes blunt due to cutting wood’s effect, the lumberjack must sharpen his axe in order to get better wood cutting, he has 5 hours to cut down the trees, but the lumberjack is smart, before he is cutting down the trees, he spends 1 hour to sharpen the axe and spend 4 hours to cut down the tree, in the end result, the lumberjack can achieve target otherwise his friends can’t achieve the target because they don’t want to sharpen their axes.

From the history above, we can take a lesson above that the valuable thing can be used in this human’s life when human already sharpen his valuable thing to create the new resourcefulness, and we must realize that there’s no better result when human is just doing the same thing over and over again, the better result can be collected when the human being is relentless to drive his ability to keep learning and learning.