How to know that I am overconfident

             In this topic I would like to discuss about the emotional feeling especially when person being confident, this is natural habit which lies inside the human’s body movement, you must know that every action will lead to confident, but what if someone behaves to overconfident, it is something bad for him? Not really, overconfident is caused by someone who uses his creativity too much and it doesn’t fit with requirement mentioned, so this is part of art, we can’t blame someone who wants to be overconfident.

            Being confident and being overconfident have the different meaning and different focus inside of it, being confident is part of calculation process between focus timing, decision and potential which are staying in one field area, so confident person will not show his best skill except he has been noticed earlier before he does something for the target, on the other hand overconfident person usually does something bravely, but he is out of control when his potential has been used to the one field area. And furthermore overconfident person often will lead to his own weakness once the problem seems bigger than his capability.

          But you must be careful when you meet with superior person because he will defeat your confident power although you are ready to face the circumstance; the superior person doesn’t want to take risk to see the unexpected tragedy in business, so the superior people commonly will not agree to engage with overconfident person, in addition the overconfident person seems happy will do everything from what he thinks the right and he doesn’t intend to consider there’s something may run to misleading situation, the overconfident person averagely doesn’t want to follow the regular basic rule because he wants to expand his potential energy in order to dig in some useful information.        

         Being overconfident is not the bad thing in this life but it will determine to what is your purpose, when you insist to break the basic rule because you are keeping behave overconfident, as consequently some people will overthrow you at your current position in organization and also overconfident often leads to accident unknowingly. so the overconfident person is caused by under-trained

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