How to know that my mind deceives me?

In this topic I would like to reveal how the mind works and try to deceive me, instead following my order, this is very difficult to be cared, but in the reality we intentionally create the mindset when we face the problem in the different situation, at the first we should know that mindset is containing the millions of strings will give human an impulse about the question: how to make an idea working, how to choose the best idea, how to reject an idea, how to develop an idea, so all the mindset will give an option to human being, so can’t blame the mindset because the mindset is like a copying machine, it has the program within and they don’t work when there’s not an active program, so the active program can be invented by human’s conscious mind.

All the thing we do to know when the mind works is we give them a critical question which make them stay in the corner and also give them the ritual, so they will contact your body and ask them to work together, I give you the special note: We must remember that we shouldn’t change our subconscious mind, because the subconscious mind doesn’t have ability to see your destination.

There’s something important I would like to elucidate the mind’s lifestyle, the mind has habit such as child behavior, sometimes we need to impel our mind to play together in the game area, we can learn to see what the object they love so much, and what program they willingly to follow, the object which can attract the subconscious mind is making them to see your challenge program and give them the daily program which is ensuring them to follow you such as giving them the quality of question, the higher of the quality of question you give to subconscious mind, the more you get support from within.

In addition human’s mind will deceive us when we lose our hope and we spoil our mind with self-satisfaction, so we must push our mind to accept the reality and learn from it, the result of learning in the reality is we are experiencing of failure rather than getting a success. the more failure you have, the more success will follow you.

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