How to know your potential is working

            At the first thing i would like you to know about the potential is something existing between your dream and your memorable experiencing you made in the past time, when you want to develop and deep searching to what you learn and what you intend to go there, that’s we call potential, so the potential is hiding to your innermost feeling that somebody else can’t touch it except yourself. That potential always exist and will give a hint how to create your life path, potential can work for you when you succeed to know what is your clear desire and potential often transform into your energy which will make you think as a survivor. 

             As you know that The human mindset commonly think how to get satisfaction, keeping satisfaction will not get you through into your deepest potential, the satisfaction make you think you are dwelling in this world instead of riding your potential, the potential knows where you are going and when you are striving, the potential will stop working in two condition, the first part is when you die and the second part is when you feel satisfaction too often.
            I will share one thing that you should remember is sometimes the potential is not working when we stop doing consistently and also the potential will abandon us when we just do what we can do today, basically the potential wants to be cared so much like the human positive characteristic, we need to speak with our soul and our voice, we can train them until our potential agree that it will work for us, there’s no instant program to build the potential, it needs much progressively.  

           The potential doesn’t do anything better when we only cheat somebody else’s benefit and also we rely on somebody else’s capability too much, considering that circumstance we can’t activate our potential energy by doing as copying machine, so the potential just needs our dream we made it the past and our positive mindset, when we succeed to create the positive mindset, the path of dream will create for us, finally the power of potential energy will work for us such as balloon.