How to make good principle for defeating the darkness in life?

In this topic I would like to talk about the principle in life, I believe there are a lot of people have principle but unfortunately they can’t prove their principal is working, some of them are deliberately try to challenge the darkness, instead they have been paralyzed with darkness.
The first thing you can do is you must know how deep you recognize your belief in this universe, the second thing is you know the purpose of life, the third thing is you must know when the mindset is fully formed. So there are three concepts which will help you to determine how to pave your life.

Making good principle starts from the good mindset, the mindset comes from the good experience, the experience comes from the attitude, and attitude comes from self-judgment which had been done in the past, everyone knows how to judge someone else’ principal but he can’t make good principals in this life.

I want to share a bit about my principal in life, the first thing is whether there’s good condition or bad condition which is happening to my surroundings, I always blame myself and take responsibility to learn, the second thing is I believe the miracle will come from the unexpected result which it is calculated by the unstoppable perseverance. So basically the good principals always bring the unknown benefit which it can transform to become a new hope although there’s darkness in someone’s life.

The simple principle you can follow is every day you must rectify your own mistaken and always create the positive attitude, no matter how hard thing will try to make you down, you must get up, because no one else can activate your willpower except yourself. Willpower is Gift; and Mindset is part of combination which is calculated from the good principle, gratitude and attitude.