How to make our Mindset obey to the target and rule the money?

In this topic I would like to elucidate about the mindset’s mystery, as far as I know most people are just doing something they love but they do it for idolizing the money, so the subconscious mind is reluctant to grow up, the main point which can attract the mindset to obey is making them a custody and feed him with the image of number, the image of plan, and the image of figure, to setting the mindset needs your emotional feeling to be participant, then you think about what kind of passion will ignite your mindset?

The power of Mindset usually loves with the attractive object although you are not having it today such as buying the mansion, buying a luxurious car, buying home theater, Etc. object also has incredible power to attract your mindset in order to live together in the future, the object will show how to get there, and depending what you want to embody it or not.

The mindset shouldn’t dedicate to money, but the money should dedicate to the mindset, so do you find any difference? When the human mindset is following the money, the human mindset has never generated the new mindset because the money has restricted the human’s creativity and the human’s vision, so if it‘s happening, the human mindset will do the order in the same way, same visually, the same habit and the same result (such number of money; 20$, 50$, 100$ but the same currency is always have same appearance and has no added value within), so the conclusion we can learn from the example mentioned is the human mindset and the money’s dignity are equal.

But if the money follows the human mindset, the human mindset will start to evolve and make a mistake in order to get better result in the near future, once the human mindset has enhanced to reveal everything they need, the money will follow to the human mindset endlessly because the human has owned the bank to produce some more money. So the conclusion we can learn from the example mentioned is don’t buy an egg but buy a chicken because chicken has value to lay eggs on the other hand an egg can’t create an egg, so the egg is valueless, we can represent an egg = money, and chicken = human mindset.

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