How to set the long term mindset in business?

In this topic I would like to talk about how to set the long term mindset in business, you may know when someone is starting the business; they need supports from many resources, it started from knowledge, strategy, self- emotional control, personal business’s experience, good attitude, growth mindset, colleague’s support, product quality, Etc.
Before you start long term in business, there are the important thing you should know, the first step is what value do you want to share to somebody else, the second step is what vision do you really want to embody together with your business, the third step is what kind of advice do you learn from the references, the fourth step is why you eager so much to start the business, the fifth step is what reason impel you to start business, the sixth step is what kind of resource do you use to start the business.

With five questions above, every answer you make will create the reflection and give new power to ignite your willpower, sometimes the strong reason is enough to make you move and the strong reason will create new habit, long term business really needs the fundamental basic from human mindset; every human’s good habit will create a new mindset, new mindset will force your innermost power such the intuition.

Sometimes practicing in doing business is not enough to prove that you are good enough to start long term business, it also need your strong determination to navigate where your passion shall go, it doesn’t matter you start with small business or big business, when you are having certain with your growth mindset and full experience to make a mistake, you will become business mastery.
I want to remind you that don’t forget to set monitoring plan which will make you involved to that business and please notice to every little mistake you make because that little mistake is priceless lesson and you will not find to people who don’t ever do the same as you do.