How to strip away the unessential thing in this life?

Today I would like to talk about unessential thing in this life; in this world many people are collapsing from their work career due to they are unintentionally doing unproductive activity and fulfill his satisfaction only, I have ever told to my distant relatives, “when you are doing unproductive activity coincides doing the important thing, it will procrastinate your main focus point towards your life target and you will feel severe in your mood”.

 I will tell you most people are starting to complain because they don’t know how to build up their self-esteem and they often procrastinate by doing something useful in their activity, in addition they always failed to achieve the target because at beginning of time they lack resources such as decisiveness, discipline, passion, integrity, perseverance, responsibility and vision.

Most people are failed not because they are stupid, but they just focus to the inessential thing and ignore the essential thing such set goal or make the scheduled time to monitor every activity which was done in the past, the real meaning of stupidity is ignoring the ignorance, not making failure in first attempt.

The inessential thing usually influences to human being procrastinate every shape of action, doing unproductive activity, and ignoring the ignorance. I will give you the example of doing the inessential thing; being couch potato, idle way to the mall without purpose, associate with friends every night, smoking cigarette, being moviegoer, etc.

Now you are telling me you can’t avoid those inessential activities above mentioned, for the preventive action, all you need to do is making the strong reason why you have to do that activity at the first phase, and you have to create the self-punishment to yourself at the second phase, I believe when you practice to make strong reason before you do the inessential activity, you will tap your potential to change your ritual or habit.